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Capricon 31 Programming needs you!


Yeah, even you over in the corner… we see you hiding.

Programming Participants needed!  Anyone who participates in a minimum of three (3) programming items is eligible to earn back their membership fee.  We do require that you *pre-register* for the convention.  Our programming questionnaire is on the Capricon 31 website, just waiting for you!

If possible, please complete the questionnaire by 11:59pm (CT) on Friday, December 17, 2010.

Questions?  Email us at

Beware the Ides of Phandemonium


If you’ve made it past the title of this post, you’re probably wondering what the ides of Phandemonium are. Well we’re not exactly ready to tell you just yet, but we’re plotting something. It might be fun, for at least some of you. It might even be something social. Potentially no cost to you, unless you choose to incur cost. No need to order now, not As Seen on TV. Just watch this space for more information.

Advertise at Capricon


Real quick post.  Did you know that you could place an ad in the Capricon 31 Program Book? Would you like to buy an ad in the Capricon 31 Program Book? Do you know someone who might want to buy an ad? If so, please visit the following site to get the full details:



Reminder, come party with Capricon tonight in room 1321 at the Westin Lombard… you might notice Windycon going on at the same time. Come check things out, we’ll even make it possible for you to register for Cap31. See you there!

Party Changes


What’s the saying… the more things change the more they stay the same? I’m not really sure how that applies here, but the Capricon 31 party at Windycon has been moved. Our new location is room 1321. The date and time remain Friday night, starting at 9PM. It’s a little bit like the sign on the back of every hotel room door that shows you the suggested escape route in case of an emergency. Well in this case in order to Escape! you should pass through room 1321 after 9PM on Friday night. See you all there, unless I’ve escaped already.

Read with us at Windycon!


So while Capricon is busy throwing a party Friday night to help promote this year’s convention, Escape!, Phandemonium will be busy at Windycon as well. Or more particularly, the Phandemonium Book Club. Come join us at Windy and add to the discussion. The book club will have not one but two sessions over the course of the weekend.

On Saturday, November 13th , from noon to 1PM in the Walnut Room, we will be discussing, The City and the City by China Mieville

And for those of you still around on Sunday, November 14th, we’ll be discussing The Wind-Up Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi, Also in the Walnut Room from noon to 1PM. (Maybe we should just rename it the Phandemonium Book Club Room)

Feel free to come join us and talk about these books. Even if you haven’t read them, come and see what the book club is all about.

Party with us at Windycon!


Capricon is throwing a party and we’re not stopping until the goats come home! We’re taking over room 1343 at Windycon this Friday night. Stop by, have a drink and we’ll help you find the best Escape! route off the planet.

Get your online version of Goat Droppings


Happy end of September folks. We’re just a little more than four months away from Capricon 31 – Escape! And the ConCom and the Phandemonium Board of Directors have been busy getting things ramped up. If you’ve ever been to Capricon (And if you haven’t… hopefully we’ll see you there this year.), you may be aware that every day during the convention we generate a newsletter, with interviews with the GoH’s, schedule changes, and other items of interest, including the ever popular Out of CONtext notes. Well the fun doesn’t end when Capricon ends. We also periodically produce an e-version of Goat Droppings, with updates about the convention and other activities from Phandemonium. That being said, the Fall Edition of Goat Droppings is now available in .pdf format for your reading pleasure. Go check it out, it contains Progress Report #1 about Cap 31, information about Phandemonium’s Book Club, Euchre Club, and FEAST programs. And if you look carefully you might find some useful information in case you missed the early cut off for pre-registration. You can also watch this space in the future as we’ll be talking about some of the other items mentioned in the newsletter.


Hey You… Over there by the computer… yeah you…


Members of Phandemonium,

We want YOU! Yes, YOU! Wonder why? It’s simple.

Every year the membership of Phandemonium elects two new people to serve a three year term on the Board of Directors. These six people, along with an appointed Secretary, Treasurer, and SMOF (Supreme Minister of Fun) are tasked with keeping the corporation running and enabling the convention and other outside activities to take place. This is where YOU (yes, you!) come in… It’s tough to have an election without candidates. If you’re interested in helping run Phandemonium and serving on our Board of Directors I would suggest visiting our forums and reviewing our Corporate Bylaws and Policy & Procedure documents under Phandemonium Information. These documents explain the eligibility requirements as well as the process to be included on the ballot. If you’re interested in serving on the board please let us know no later than January 15, 2011 by emailing us at If you have any questions regarding Phandemonium and/or the process you can also email me directly at

Looking forward to seeing you all at Capricon in February!

Sondra de Jong
President of the Board, Phandemonium, Inc.

It’s never too soon….


Have you ever said, “If I ran this convention….?” or “You know what I think?” Well, then you might consider running a Capricon! The Board of Phandemonium is currently seeking qualified candidates to apply to be the Chairperson of Capricon 32 in 2012. If this means you, the process involved of bidding for Chair of Capricon is as follows:

1) Prepare a written report letting us know why you want to chair Capricon 32. Let us know who you are and what convention leadership experience experience you have. We are interested in hearing how will you make Capricon 32 a unique experience for the attendees, how might your theme/focus/concept be carried out in various departments, such as programming, special events, gaming, films, etc., and who might be your possible Guests of Honor. Then, email your proposal to by October 18, 2010.

2) Meet with the Phandemonium Board of Directors to discuss your proposal and address any questions the Board might have.

3) Shortly after the presentations, the Phandemonium Board will meet to review and vote on all the submitted proposals and notify of you of our decision. If you are chosen as the Chair, you will be given further instructions at that time.

Some general qualifications are listed below which we view as guidelines, not requirements, to gauge qualification:
* Potential Chairs should have a minimum of 5 years of convention attending experience, preferably at multiple conventions in different cities.
* Chairs should have served on at least three concoms as a department head, and have run at least two different departments.
* One requirement that is written in stone per Phandemonium Bylaws is that a Capricon Chair may not concurrently hold a position equivalent to Chair or Board Member of a similar science fiction corporation or convention.

Running a convention is lots of fun, a great way to make your mark on Capricon and an opportunity to work with some amazing people. It’s a challenge and not for everyone, but if you’ve ever said “If I were running this convention,” well… here’s your chance to become of a part of Capricon’s leadership and make Capricon the 4-day, fun-filled experience that is Capricon! We look forward to hearing from you. If you are a new member and want to learn more about what you can do to get more involved in making Capricon happen, feel free to contact me. See you in February!

Sondra de Jong
President of the Board, Phandemonium, Inc.

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