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Reminder, come party with Capricon tonight in room 1321 at the Westin Lombard… you might notice Windycon going on at the same time. Come check things out, we’ll even make it possible for you to register for Cap31. See you there!

Party Changes


What’s the saying… the more things change the more they stay the same? I’m not really sure how that applies here, but the Capricon 31 party at Windycon has been moved. Our new location is room 1321. The date and time remain Friday night, starting at 9PM. It’s a little bit like the sign on the back of every hotel room door that shows you the suggested escape route in case of an emergency. Well in this case in order to Escape! you should pass through room 1321 after 9PM on Friday night. See you all there, unless I’ve escaped already.

Read with us at Windycon!


So while Capricon is busy throwing a party Friday night to help promote this year’s convention, Escape!, Phandemonium will be busy at Windycon as well. Or more particularly, the Phandemonium Book Club. Come join us at Windy and add to the discussion. The book club will have not one but two sessions over the course of the weekend.

On Saturday, November 13th , from noon to 1PM in the Walnut Room, we will be discussing, The City and the City by China Mieville

And for those of you still around on Sunday, November 14th, we’ll be discussing The Wind-Up Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi, Also in the Walnut Room from noon to 1PM. (Maybe we should just rename it the Phandemonium Book Club Room)

Feel free to come join us and talk about these books. Even if you haven’t read them, come and see what the book club is all about.

Party with us at Windycon!


Capricon is throwing a party and we’re not stopping until the goats come home! We’re taking over room 1343 at Windycon this Friday night. Stop by, have a drink and we’ll help you find the best Escape! route off the planet.

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