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The post-con edition of Goat Droppings is out!


Did Capricon 32 leave you wanting more? Do you have unanswered questions? Well fear not! Everything you’re looking for can be found in the post-convention edition of Goat Droppings.

You’ll find the winners of the tournaments as well as the party and art show awards. There’s also information on upcoming Phandemonium events, like Book Club, F.E.A.S.T. and Euchre Club.

All this and more is just a click away, in Goat Droppings.

Capricon 32 – The Egress Times


Did you have trouble finding the Lake Wobegon room? The most intriguing panels all seem to be scheduled there. This year a team of intrepid reporters, led by Leane Verhulst, brought back the story!

Enjoy The Egress Times! It’s like Goat Droppings for the reality-challenged.

Capricon 32 – Goat Droppings


Did you miss an issue of Goat Droppings at Capricon 32? Well don’t worry! They’re all available here for your enjoyment.

Even if you missed the con, (poor soul), Goat Droppings have interviews with the GoHs, Out of CON-text Quotes, and other useful information. Who needs the New York Times when you have Goat Droppings?


There’s still time! Don’t miss Capricon 32!


Last night’s dance was more fun than a Kajagoogoo reunion tour! But there’s still plenty of excitement to come. Join us.
Capricon 32 80's dance

Goat boys gone wild!


John Scalzi donned his tiara and hit the Thursday parties at Capricon 32. If you’re not here, run, don’t walk, to the con before you miss another minute of fun!
John Scalzi enjoys Capricon 32

Capricon restaurant discounts


The hotel will be offering Capricon members the following discounts. Just show your badge!

10% off breakfast and lunch
10% bar all night – alcohol drinks only

Tramonto’s Steak and Seafood
10% off on dinner (food only, no alcohol)

RT Lounge
10% off on dinner (food only , no alcohol)

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