Happy end of September folks. We’re just a little more than four months away from Capricon 31 – Escape! And the ConCom and the Phandemonium Board of Directors have been busy getting things ramped up. If you’ve ever been to Capricon (And if you haven’t… hopefully we’ll see you there this year.), you may be aware that every day during the convention we generate a newsletter, with interviews with the GoH’s, schedule changes, and other items of interest, including the ever popular Out of CONtext notes. Well the fun doesn’t end when Capricon ends. We also periodically produce an e-version of Goat Droppings, with updates about the convention and other activities from Phandemonium. That being said, the Fall Edition of Goat Droppings is now available in .pdf format for your reading pleasure. Go check it out, it contains Progress Report #1 about Cap 31, information about Phandemonium’s Book Club, Euchre Club, and FEAST programs. And if you look carefully you might find some useful information in case you missed the early cut off for pre-registration. You can also watch this space in the future as we’ll be talking about some of the other items mentioned in the newsletter.