Have you ever said, “If I ran this convention….?” or “You know what I think?” Well, then you might consider running a Capricon! The Board of Phandemonium is currently seeking qualified candidates to apply to be the Chairperson of Capricon 32 in 2012. If this means you, the process involved of bidding for Chair of Capricon is as follows:

1) Prepare a written report letting us know why you want to chair Capricon 32. Let us know who you are and what convention leadership experience experience you have. We are interested in hearing how will you make Capricon 32 a unique experience for the attendees, how might your theme/focus/concept be carried out in various departments, such as programming, special events, gaming, films, etc., and who might be your possible Guests of Honor. Then, email your proposal to boardpresident@phandemonium.org by October 18, 2010.

2) Meet with the Phandemonium Board of Directors to discuss your proposal and address any questions the Board might have.

3) Shortly after the presentations, the Phandemonium Board will meet to review and vote on all the submitted proposals and notify of you of our decision. If you are chosen as the Chair, you will be given further instructions at that time.

Some general qualifications are listed below which we view as guidelines, not requirements, to gauge qualification:
* Potential Chairs should have a minimum of 5 years of convention attending experience, preferably at multiple conventions in different cities.
* Chairs should have served on at least three concoms as a department head, and have run at least two different departments.
* One requirement that is written in stone per Phandemonium Bylaws is that a Capricon Chair may not concurrently hold a position equivalent to Chair or Board Member of a similar science fiction corporation or convention.

Running a convention is lots of fun, a great way to make your mark on Capricon and an opportunity to work with some amazing people. It’s a challenge and not for everyone, but if you’ve ever said “If I were running this convention,” well… here’s your chance to become of a part of Capricon’s leadership and make Capricon the 4-day, fun-filled experience that is Capricon! We look forward to hearing from you. If you are a new member and want to learn more about what you can do to get more involved in making Capricon happen, feel free to contact me. See you in February!

Sondra de Jong
President of the Board, Phandemonium, Inc.