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Deadline for Awesome Ideas Extended!

Members of Phandemonium,
Every year, Capricon transforms the Westin Chicago Northshore hotel into a big tent celebration of genre awesomeness. Magic you say? Hardly. Awesome doesn’t just appear at the wave of a wand. Each Capricon begins as a bid idea that brings amazing people together to create exponentially more awesome at a real live convention.
Sound like a good time? It gets better. We are already preparing for Capricon 38, and we want YOU to make it happen!
The Board of Phandemonium is currently seeking candidates for Con Chair of Capricon 38: Have you ever said, “If I ran this convention….?” or “You know what I think?” Then consider running a Capricon! We are currently seeking qualified candidates to apply for Chairperson of Capricon 38 in 2018. Contact for more information. The bid proposal deadline has been extended to September 15th so we can review them In time for our September 18th Phandemonium Board meeting. Those submitting bids will present them in person to the board on September 18, after which will select and announce the Capricon 38 Con Chair.
Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm! There would literally be no Capricon without you. See you all next February!
Dan Berger
President of the Board, Phandemonium, Inc.

Nilah Magruder is writing for Marvel Comics!


This year just keeps getting better! Artist Guest of Honor, Nilah Magruder, will be one of 33 women working on 24 books for Marvel Comics!

Nilah will be a co-writer for A Year of Marvels: The Unbeatable #1, which is due out in December 2016.

Congrats Nilah!

Bring your copy to Capricon to be signed.…/women-at-marvel-comics-wat…/

Women at Marvel

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