Members of Phandemonium,

We want YOU! Yes, YOU! Wonder why? It’s simple.

Every year the membership of Phandemonium elects two new people to serve a three year term on the Board of Directors. These six people, along with an appointed Secretary, Treasurer, and SMOF (Supreme Minister of Fun) are tasked with keeping the corporation running and enabling the convention and other outside activities to take place. This is where YOU (yes, you!) come in… It’s tough to have an election without candidates. If you’re interested in helping run Phandemonium and serving on our Board of Directors I would suggest visiting our forums and reviewing our Corporate Bylaws and Policy & Procedure documents under Phandemonium Information. These documents explain the eligibility requirements as well as the process to be included on the ballot. If you’re interested in serving on the board please let us know no later than January 15, 2011 by emailing us at If you have any questions regarding Phandemonium and/or the process you can also email me directly at

Looking forward to seeing you all at Capricon in February!

Sondra de Jong
President of the Board, Phandemonium, Inc.