Happy Ruby Jubilee! Capricon is going to turn FORTY – and you can help us celebrate!

The Phandemonium Board is currently seeking qualified candidates for Con Chair of Capricon 40. Bring your most prized ideas to us, and we might give you the chance to turn them into a reality!

What does a good proposal involve?

1) A great theme – this is the seed from which a lot of the convention will grow, from guests and programming to film choices and special events. It should be distinct, versatile, and accessible to fans of all kinds.
2) Interesting guests – have a good idea of who you’d want to ‘headline’ the convention. 3-5 Guests of Honor is about standard (and within budget).
3) A solid presentation – you will need to explain your idea in person to the board and answer any questions we might have. Visual aids are not required – but they’re not discouraged, either.

We’re also interested in hearing about who you are, what convention leadership experience you have, and how you’ll make Capricon 40 a unique event for our membership.

Please email your initial proposals to president@phandemonium.org by October 5th, so that they can be reviewed before your presentation to the board at the meeting on October 14th. You’re also welcome to use that email address if you have any questions for the board about this process.

Note: per Phandemonium bylaws, a Capricon Chair may not concurrently hold a position equivalent to Chair or Board Member of a similar science fiction corporation or convention.

Red Diamond with the words Ruby 40th Jubilee