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Party Changes


What’s the saying… the more things change the more they stay the same? I’m not really sure how that applies here, but the Capricon 31 party at Windycon has been moved. Our new location is room 1321. The date and time remain Friday night, starting at 9PM. It’s a little bit like the sign on the back of every hotel room door that shows you the suggested escape route in case of an emergency. Well in this case in order to Escape! you should pass through room 1321 after 9PM on Friday night. See you all there, unless I’ve escaped already.

Party with us at Windycon!


Capricon is throwing a party and we’re not stopping until the goats come home! We’re taking over room 1343 at Windycon this Friday night. Stop by, have a drink and we’ll help you find the best Escape! route off the planet.

Get your online version of Goat Droppings


Happy end of September folks. We’re just a little more than four months away from Capricon 31 – Escape! And the ConCom and the Phandemonium Board of Directors have been busy getting things ramped up. If you’ve ever been to Capricon (And if you haven’t… hopefully we’ll see you there this year.), you may be aware that every day during the convention we generate a newsletter, with interviews with the GoH’s, schedule changes, and other items of interest, including the ever popular Out of CONtext notes. Well the fun doesn’t end when Capricon ends. We also periodically produce an e-version of Goat Droppings, with updates about the convention and other activities from Phandemonium. That being said, the Fall Edition of Goat Droppings is now available in .pdf format for your reading pleasure. Go check it out, it contains Progress Report #1 about Cap 31, information about Phandemonium’s Book Club, Euchre Club, and FEAST programs. And if you look carefully you might find some useful information in case you missed the early cut off for pre-registration. You can also watch this space in the future as we’ll be talking about some of the other items mentioned in the newsletter.


Google us


Remember those Google Search Story commercials which ran on TV early this year, where essentially a story was told using various Google searches? Assuming of course you watch TV and don’t fast forward through the commercials. They seemed like a pretty effective way to give an someone a nutshell picture of a person or event. So, early this year Google made a Search Story Creator tool available to the public, so anyone can make their own versions of these commercials. I figured, Capricon has a story to tell so why not see how the tool works and what it can do for Capricon 31. The video below is that result.

We’d love to see what you all would put together to tell the world what Capricon means to you, or what’s important about us to share with the world. Post links to your Search Story in the comments. Now while this isn’t officially a contest, we might find some way to vote on which ones we like best and maybe figure out some form of recognition for the entrants/winners. But then again no promises. You all are a creative bunch, lets see what you can do.

Capricon 31 – Pre-Registration Update


Where does the time go? It’s just about six months or so until Cap 31 – ESCAPE!. February 10th through the 13th if you want to be precise. In case you’ve forgotten our guests of honor this year include John Scalzi, John Picacio, Janice Gelb and Stephen Boucher. And of course the usual fare of programming, special events, filk, art show, parties, etc.

If you haven’t registered yet, now’s the time! Early Pre-Registration ends August 31st. Right now you can register for $45 per person. On the 31st the price goes up to $50. You’re going to register anyway so why not save $5 in the process. All the information you need can be found on the registration page, including links to the online registration form as well as a printable and mailable registration form.

So here’s the registration pricing for your information in case you intend to slack…
Now through August 31st. — $45
September 1st through November 15th — $50
November 16th through the end of Pre-Reg (I’ll get back to you with this date) — $55
At the door — $70

We’re still at the Westin Chicago North Shore in Wheeling, IL this year, so if you’ve been to Cap in the last two years you know where you’re going. Rooms are the same price as they were last year $103/night (plus applicable fees and taxes). You can make your reservation now by visiting the Westin’s Capricon Registration page. And of course more information can also be found on Capricon’s own Hotel Information page. Our room block closes on January 18th 2011, so reserve a room before then or pay full price.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Cap this year, we’ve got a lot planned and are looking forward to sharing it all with you.

For those of you who happen to…


For those of you who happen to be at #pcon Capricon is throwing a party tonight.

Guess who’s going to Penguicon…


Guess who’s going to Penguicon?

Better late than never


Hey you found us! Welcome to the new blog for Capricon and Phandemonium. Last year we experimented with using Facebook and Twitter to communicate with everyone in a quicker and somewhat more interactive format, and we want to take what we’ve learned and move forward with it. So as we’re busy preparing for Capricon 31 Escape! we’ve set up this blog. Our intention is for the ConCom to post here as they are making plans for the convention so that way you, the members of Phandemonium, can see what we’re planning and perhaps offer up suggestions along the way.

We plan to continue using Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal our own forums, as well as the website to provide information and to interact with you. Assuming the technology works, when we post here, links to the posts will automagically be forwarded on to the various social media sites

Bear with us as we figure out how we’re doing things here, and how to best use the tools to keep you informed with what’s going on.

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