Spelling Test


Let’s see if I’ve learned how to spell the name of the convention…

System Test


Seems like Facebook and Twitter are never happy to leave well enough alone, and when they changed their authorization schemes, it broke our direct connection from the blog. Hopefully I’ve fixed this now… we’ll see.

Better late than never


Hey you found us! Welcome to the new blog for Capricon and Phandemonium. Last year we experimented with using Facebook and Twitter to communicate with everyone in a quicker and somewhat more interactive format, and we want to take what we’ve learned and move forward with it. So as we’re busy preparing for Capricon 31 Escape! we’ve set up this blog. Our intention is for the ConCom to post here as they are making plans for the convention so that way you, the members of Phandemonium, can see what we’re planning and perhaps offer up suggestions along the way.

We plan to continue using Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal our own forums, as well as the website to provide information and to interact with you. Assuming the technology works, when we post here, links to the posts will automagically be forwarded on to the various social media sites

Bear with us as we figure out how we’re doing things here, and how to best use the tools to keep you informed with what’s going on.

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