Remember those Google Search Story commercials which ran on TV early this year, where essentially a story was told using various Google searches? Assuming of course you watch TV and don’t fast forward through the commercials. They seemed like a pretty effective way to give an someone a nutshell picture of a person or event. So, early this year Google made a Search Story Creator tool available to the public, so anyone can make their own versions of these commercials. I figured, Capricon has a story to tell so why not see how the tool works and what it can do for Capricon 31. The video below is that result.

We’d love to see what you all would put together to tell the world what Capricon means to you, or what’s important about us to share with the world. Post links to your Search Story in the comments. Now while this isn’t officially a contest, we might find some way to vote on which ones we like best and maybe figure out some form of recognition for the entrants/winners. But then again no promises. You all are a creative bunch, lets see what you can do.