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Pre-Registration Ending Soon!


Well folks, Capricon 31 is sneaking up on us. Pre-Registration closes tomorrow 1/31. Here is your last chance to register for the $55 rate. After 1/31 your only option for the full weekend will be the at-the door price of $70. We also have various one day rates if you’re only going to be able to make it out for a single day. You can get all the details as well as information on how to register online by visiting the registration page on the Capricon 31 website.

And of course in case you missed the announcement… the full weekend schedule is now available online as well. This schedule shows all of the panels, anime, games and special events that we have planned for the weekend. Check it out and start planning. Of course this schedule is subject to change, because as we all know, nothing is final until 24 hours after the event is over.

See you all soon.

Pre-Registration Deadline


Just a quick reminder… Pre-Registration for Capricon 31 ends January 31st. If you act now you can still register for $55 for the entire weekend. On Feb 1st the rate goes up to the at-the-door rate of $70 for the weekend, and if you mail it in you’re taking chances that the postal service will actually get the information to us in time for the convention.  You can still pre-register online by going to our registration page where you will find links to an online registration form or a printable/mailable form. If you know you’re coming to Capricon save yourself a couple of bucks and register before the price goes up.

Registration Rates going up!


Hey everyone… just a quick reminder that tomorrow (12/31/10) is the last day to pre-register for Capricon at the $50 for the full weekend rate. Starting January 1st the rate goes up to $55. Just think what you could do with that $5, you could buy a good beer, or two bad beers, get half a cup of coffee at Starbucks, a comic book, a 10 piece chicken nugget meal at McDonalds, if you get some friends together you could partake of the $5/person rule when ordering pizza, give it to your annoying nephew so that he’ll stop singing “I’m a little tea cup”. The options are endless. Seriously though, if you’re planning to attend Capricon anyway (You know you want to.) and you’ve got the money available. Now would be a good time to register.

Registering early helps us plan the convention. Knowing ahead of time how many people to expect we know how much food and drink to have in the consuite, if we need bigger spaces for certain events, it lets us warn the hotel how many people will be onsite, etc. It’s a win-win, you save some money and help us plan a better convention.

So go the Capricon Registration site for information on how to get yourself registered. So you have until the end of Friday to register for $50, after that it becomes $55 until the end of January. After January you have to pay the at the door price of $70 for the entire weekend.

Capricon 31 – Pre-Registration Update


Where does the time go? It’s just about six months or so until Cap 31 – ESCAPE!. February 10th through the 13th if you want to be precise. In case you’ve forgotten our guests of honor this year include John Scalzi, John Picacio, Janice Gelb and Stephen Boucher. And of course the usual fare of programming, special events, filk, art show, parties, etc.

If you haven’t registered yet, now’s the time! Early Pre-Registration ends August 31st. Right now you can register for $45 per person. On the 31st the price goes up to $50. You’re going to register anyway so why not save $5 in the process. All the information you need can be found on the registration page, including links to the online registration form as well as a printable and mailable registration form.

So here’s the registration pricing for your information in case you intend to slack…
Now through August 31st. — $45
September 1st through November 15th — $50
November 16th through the end of Pre-Reg (I’ll get back to you with this date) — $55
At the door — $70

We’re still at the Westin Chicago North Shore in Wheeling, IL this year, so if you’ve been to Cap in the last two years you know where you’re going. Rooms are the same price as they were last year $103/night (plus applicable fees and taxes). You can make your reservation now by visiting the Westin’s Capricon Registration page. And of course more information can also be found on Capricon’s own Hotel Information page. Our room block closes on January 18th 2011, so reserve a room before then or pay full price.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Cap this year, we’ve got a lot planned and are looking forward to sharing it all with you.

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