Capricon 33

“The City & The City” and Capricon get an international mention!


James Bacon wrote an article about the Lifeline Theatre production of The City & The City by China Miéville. The Lifeline Theatre has a long history of adapting genre fiction for the stage.

James also gives Capricon a very prominent mention in the article, which was published by Forbidden Planet International. Click here to read the article.

Photobooth pictures – Requesting removal


If you would prefer not to have your photo from our TARDIS photobooth displayed on Facebook, please contact Chicagoland PhotoBooth and request its removal. They have confirmed that they will remove such photos immediately.

Keep in mind that, while we strive to respect the wishes of our membership, Phandemonium assumes the right to display your image. The Phandemonium Code of Conduct states:

“Phandemonium event attendees and members should be aware that photography and video and/or audio recordings are frequently made by Phandemonium during events and that their likenesses may appear in those recordings. Attendees and members agree to assign without compensation the use of their likeness for the use of promotional material.”

UPDATE: Because of some of the complaints received by Chicagoland PhotoBooth, they have chosen to remove all the Capricon photos from their Facebook page. We support their decision.

Photobooth pictures are available online!


A TARDIS photobooth materialized at Capricon 33. It was supplied by the good folks at Chicagoland PhotoBooth. It was lots of fun and helped raise money for a good cause, 2nd Chance 4 Pets.

Click here to see all the delightful photos.

Karen Ann Hollingsworth is sharing her skills!


Karen Ann Hollingsworth, Capricon 33’s Artist GOH, is sharing her skills! Karen will be hosting two hands-on panels. Come prepared! We will have some extra supplies on hand if you don’t.

Intuitive Watercolor Painting – Saturday, 11:30 am-1:00 pm – Botanic Garden B
Recommended supplies:

  • Pan Watercolor set: any size whatever you can afford or have.
  • Pismacolor colored pencils any size whatever you can afford or have. (NOT the watercolor ones)
  • Clayboard panel ultra smooth surface: 9×12 or smaller again whatever you can afford.

The Eraser Is Your Friend – Saturday, 2:30 pm-4:00 pm – Botanic Garden B
Recommended supplies:

  • Drawing Pencils: Prismacolor/Turquioise 4H, 2B, 5B,9B
  • Smudgy sticks
  • Sharpener: Dahle, two hole pencil sharpener. Square plastic sharpener with black and yellow cap. Blick’s has them.
  • Sketch paper: I recommend 9×12 Biggy Sketch pad from Blick’s


  • Faber-Castell Eraser Pencils (two pack available @ Hobby Lobby)
  • Pentel Clie Eraser
  • PaperMate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick (if you can’t get any of this others this is a must have. Available at Blick’s, Staples, Office Depot, Michael’s etc.)

Check out Capricon 33 programming


Capricon 33 is almost here! Click this link to see our programming schedule. You won’t want to miss a minute of it.

Capricon 33 Dealers


Looking for those special fannish treasures? Well look no further! The Capricon 33 Dealer’s Room is sure to have what you’re looking for.

Click here for more information.

Capricon 33 Programming


It’s time to explore Artificial Intelligence at Capricon 33!

Not sure whether artificial or inborn intelligence suits you best? That’s where the programming department comes in to help out. As always, we’re offering a wide variety of activities at (almost) all hours of the day. We’ve scheduled plenty of returning favorites, and added some new choices and faces. We think you will really enjoy your exploration of all kinds of intelligence!

Click here to see what we’ve planned!

Get Your Picture Taken at Our Photobooth!


Capricon 33 is excited to announce that Chicagoland PhotoBooth ( will be at the convention taking YOUR photo on Saturday, February 9th from 11am to 5pm. They are so excited about being part of the con that they are constructing a TARDIS facade for the photobooth! How neat is that?! They will also have available a selection of props that can be used within the booth. The basic photo will be a strip of 4 black and white photos and will be available almost immediately. CDs can be purchased at a later date.

Last chance for Capricon 33 pre-registration


January 15 is the last day to receive the pre-registration rate of $55. In these days when every dollar counts, why pay more?

We will be filking the night away. Ruby Rod has declared us “super-green“.

So why wait? Click here to register and save.

Read a ghost story at Capricon 33


On Thursday evening, Capricon 33 will be having a ghost story reading. Everyone is welcome to participate. There are a few simple rules:

  • The stories should be, at most, R-rated.
  • Readings should last no more than 20 minutes, (so everyone gets a chance).
  • The story can be your original work or by someone else.

If you would like to read, please contact Programming at

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