If you would prefer not to have your photo from our TARDIS photobooth displayed on Facebook, please contact Chicagoland PhotoBooth and request its removal. They have confirmed that they will remove such photos immediately.

Keep in mind that, while we strive to respect the wishes of our membership, Phandemonium assumes the right to display your image. The Phandemonium Code of Conduct states:

“Phandemonium event attendees and members should be aware that photography and video and/or audio recordings are frequently made by Phandemonium during events and that their likenesses may appear in those recordings. Attendees and members agree to assign without compensation the use of their likeness for the use of promotional material.”

UPDATE: Because of some of the complaints received by Chicagoland PhotoBooth, they have chosen to remove all the Capricon photos from their Facebook page. We support their decision.