So looking out my window and gauging by the fact that the snow is still coming down… I’m thinking that unless we have a freak heat wave in the next week and a half… there will still be snow on the ground when Capricon starts next week. Which also means theoretically the annual(When the weather cooperates) Snow Goon! panel should be able to happen. If you’re going to be at Cap Friday morning, come out and make snow goons! Here are the details of the panel:

Snow Goons!

Time: Friday – 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Category: Panel-Event
Track: Other
Location: Lobby (No snow goons in the lobby please… just meet there and go outside to make your goons!)
Panelists: Helen Montgomery, Erik V. Olson
Description: Bring your snowpants and gloves and come outside with us to build Snow Goons! What are Snow Goons, you ask? Snowmen, but seriously twisted, a la Calvin and Hobbes. (Weather permitting)

And just in case you’re curious this information and a whole lot more about Capricon’s program schedule are now available on our website. If you’re around the Midwest today… there’s a good chance that you’re stuck inside, so why not take a few minutes to look at what we’ve got planned. Leave a comment and let us know what you’re most looking forward to at Capricon this year.