Hey everyone… just a quick reminder that tomorrow (12/31/10) is the last day to pre-register for Capricon at the $50 for the full weekend rate. Starting January 1st the rate goes up to $55. Just think what you could do with that $5, you could buy a good beer, or two bad beers, get half a cup of coffee at Starbucks, a comic book, a 10 piece chicken nugget meal at McDonalds, if you get some friends together you could partake of the $5/person rule when ordering pizza, give it to your annoying nephew so that he’ll stop singing “I’m a little tea cup”. The options are endless. Seriously though, if you’re planning to attend Capricon anyway (You know you want to.) and you’ve got the money available. Now would be a good time to register.

Registering early helps us plan the convention. Knowing ahead of time how many people to expect we know how much food and drink to have in the consuite, if we need bigger spaces for certain events, it lets us warn the hotel how many people will be onsite, etc. It’s a win-win, you save some money and help us plan a better convention.

So go the Capricon Registration site for information on how to get yourself registered. So you have until the end of Friday to register for $50, after that it becomes $55 until the end of January. After January you have to pay the at the door price of $70 for the entire weekend.