Beware the Ides of Phandemonium


The Ides of Phandemonium continues with a Happy Hour(s) celebration at Fox and Hound in Arlington Heights, at 7pm sharp! Be there, I know I will be! Look for the tired doctor with a drink in his hand!

For those of you a little more geographically challenged… Fox and Hound is located on Dundee Road between Arlington Heights Rd and Rt. 53.

Ides of Phandemonium


Just a quick reminder that the zombie goat party is happening tonight at 7 pm at the RAM brewery in wheeling. Right across the stet from the cap hotel. See you there.

Well that was fun…


Thanks to all of you who came out for Capricon this year. It was fun. Hope you can say the same. But… the fun’s not over yet. Beware the Ides of Phandemonium. Come join us for the Ides of Phandemonium Zombie Goat Party at the RAM restaurant in Wheeling, just across from the hotel Tuesday night (2/15) at 7PM. Just because Capricon’s over doesn’t mean Capricon has to end.

Ides of Phandemonium – Paramount Room


On Sunday, May 15, enjoy some Phandemonium phun a little closer to the city at the Paramount Room. Meet up with friends and enjoy an excellent variety of beer and food. Start time is 7:00pm.

Paramount Room
415 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL

Ides of Phandemonium – Fox and Hound


On Friday, April 15, the Ides of Phandemonium heads north. Enjoy beer and wings and good company at the Fox and Hound. The fun begins at 7:00pm.

Fox and Hound
918 W Dundee Rd
Arlington Heights, IL

Ides of Phandemonium – Brixie’s


Come join us on Monday, March 14, for a fun evening on the west side. Yes, we know we’re a day early for the “Ides”, but on Monday there’s Free Bacon and $1 off Import Drafts!!! The festivities begin at 7:00pm.

9526 W Ogden
Brookfield, IL

Ides of Phandemonium – Zombie Goat Party



Beware the Ides of Phandemonium! Beware zombie goats! Have a beer!

Join us for the first of a new series of events on the 15th of each month. Why only get together once a year?

We’re having a Zombie Goat Party in honor of an exhausted Capricious on Tuesday, February 15, at:

RAM Restaurant & Brewery
700 N Milwaukee Avenue
Wheeling, IL

That’s right across for the Capricon hotel. The fun starts at 6:30pm. See you there!

Beware the Ides of Phandemonium


If you’ve made it past the title of this post, you’re probably wondering what the ides of Phandemonium are. Well we’re not exactly ready to tell you just yet, but we’re plotting something. It might be fun, for at least some of you. It might even be something social. Potentially no cost to you, unless you choose to incur cost. No need to order now, not As Seen on TV. Just watch this space for more information.

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