Capricon 34

Post-Capricon 34 Edition of Goat Droppings


Capricon 34 was a good time that reaches from the past into the future, when we smile remembering the fun.

But do you find yourself laying awake at night trying to remember who won the Artist’s Challenge? Or Best Party? Well it’s Goat Droppings to the rescue! Here are all the awards, more Out of CON-Text quotes, and important information about Capricon 35. (What does the “R&R” stand for again? “Remote Controls and Rat Creatures”? “Rust and Rebar”? Help us decide!)

Click here to download your copy.

Post Capricon Survey


Greetings from the future (Or is it the past? (Traveling across the 4th
dimension is confusing)):

By now hopefully you all have had a chance to rest and recuperate after
Capricon. If you’re still making use of the time machine, please
remember to put it back where and when you found it so no one will
notice. We’d like to do something a little different this year, we’d
like to ask your help in making Capricon as enjoyable as possible in the
future. In order to do that we’ve put together a short survey for you to
fill out, to tell us what worked at Capricon this year, what you’d like
to see more of, and some general information about you to help us
understand our membership better. We received some feedback immediately
after Closing Ceremonies, but for those who couldn’t attend, or have
something else to share, this is your chance. If you’d like to
participate, you can do so by taking a short survey.

You can find the survey here.

The information collected will only be
shared with the Capricon Convention Committee and the Phandemonium Board
of Directors, and the survey is anonymous, unless you decide to provide
us with contact information.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, or anything
else to do with Capricon for that matter, please feel free to contact me
directly at

Thank You,

–Peter Heltzer
Phandemonium Supreme Minister of Fun

Goat Droppings Capricon 34 Editions


If you weren’t able to align your personal temporal devices with Capricon 34: The 4th Dimension. Don’t fret. You can catch up with all the news from the convention through the Capricon 34 editions of Goat Droppings.

It’s full of all the latest news from . Take a look, and see what fun you missed out on.

Click here to download your copy of the Thursday edition.

Click here to download your copy of the Friday edition.

Click here to download your copy of the Saturday edition.

Click here to download your copy of the Sunday edition.

Share photos of Tadao


Do you have a photo of yourself and Capricon 34 (cardboard) Fan GoH, Tadao Tomomatsu? We’d love to see them!

Send them to

Be sure to include names, locations, and other pertinent information.

From novels to noodles – Contribute at Capricon


Capricon 34 will be continuing our annual book and food drives. From novels to noodles, you can help your fellow man, feeding bodies and minds.

Drop your contributions off at the Info Desk. Click here for further details.

Time to gopher it at Capricon 34!


Wanted: Someone to go back in time with Capricious. This is not a joke.
Would you like to lend a hand in making Capricon happen? Are you interested in finding out what happens behind the scenes at a con?

The first step in doing either is simple, volunteer to be a gopher. There are many different jobs that need to be done from the Wednesday before Capricon starts all the way through to Sunday evening after closing ceremonies. Helping out can be quick and easy. If you have an hour, we would love to have you swing by the coat check by the dealer’s room and give us a hand.

Click here for more informaion on being a gopher.

Click here to see what specific jobs we need.

Capricon Book and Food Drives


Don’t forget that Capricon is conducting a food drive and a book drive throughout the weekend.

You can bring non-perishable foods to the Information Desk and we’ll donate them (as well as any leftover ConSuite food) to local food pantries.

The Info Desk will also be accepting donations of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror novels as part of the Science Fiction Outreach Project. These books will be passed out at comic book conventions to promote literacy, and help grow the genre fan base. We are particularly looking for young adult and children’s genre books.

Capricon 34 Programming Schedule


The Capricon 34 programming schedule is now available. Click here to check out all the amazing programming that awaits you at the con. We’ve got the best from the past, present, and future.

If you haven’t already registered, click here and do it now! You only have until January 22 before prices go up.

Hotel rooms are going fast!


As of 1/17/2014 the Westin North Shore is almost full for Thursday night. There are still rooms available for Friday and Saturday.

Don’t literally be left out in the cold. Click here and make your reservation now!

Tadao Tomomatsu will be unable to attend Capricon 34


It is with great disappointment that Tadao regrettably will be unable to attend Capricon 34 in person as we had hoped. Although Mr. Tomomatsu would love to be with us, he has to make his family a top priority and we cannot agree more.

However, Tadao will be able to attend a panel via Skype and we do look forward to being able to have him with us, even if it is only electronically.

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