Capricon 35

Science Fiction Outreach Project

Don’t forget that Capricon is conducting a book drive throughout the weekend.  The Info Desk will be accepting donations of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror novels as part of the Science Fiction Outreach Project – USA.  These books will be passed out at comic book conventions to promote literacy, and help grow the genre fan base.  We are particularly looking for young adult and children’s genre books.

Goat Droppings – Winter 2015 Edition

The Winter 2015 edition of Goat Droppings is here!

It’s almost time for a healthy dose of “R&R”. “What’s that?”, you ask. You can find answers to that and more in Goat Droppings:

  • Capricon 35 Progress Report
  • Phandemonium Events, like Euchre Club and our Book Clubs
  • Capricon Book Drive
  • Feeling “Board”? Join ours!
  • Local Restaurants
  • Out of CON-text

Click here to download your copy.

Prepare for Programming!
As always, there are a few programming items that you might want to know about ahead of time so you can prepare
for them. Heres this years list!

  • Phandemonium Book Club will be discussing Vegas Knights by our Author GoH, Matt Forbeck
  • Book Club will be discussing The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu, translated by Ken Liu
  • Snow Goons! If theres snow, bring your outdoor clothes and go build some snow goons!
  • Gumbo Fiction Salon is an open mic reading event, with priority given to anyone who is a student somewhere.
  • Re-purposing Convention T-shirts will give you ideas on new ways to wear your con t-shirts. Bring a few to play with during the panel.
  • Hugo Awards Nominating is a panel to discuss what should be nominated this year, so bring your short list!
  • We have several authors who will have Autographing sessions, so bring your books to be signed!

Cost Increase alert! Remember to tell your friends, family and random strangers that they must register for Capricon by the stroke of midnight this Thursday (January 29) or they’ll have to pay at-the-door rates. That’s right, a 4-day pass for the low low price of $55 will transmogrify into a $70 rate on Friday, so don’t delay. Operators are standing by here.

They’ve done it again! In the most recent podcast by “The Functional Nerds” (our media guests of honor) John Anealio and Patrick Hester have a spirited conversation with our Author Guest of Honor, Matt Forbeck. Go to to enjoy Episode 219 as they continue to whet our appetite for Capricon 35.

Speaking of which, have you registered yet for Capricon 35? It’s still $55 for the full four-day experience, BUT you must register BEFORE the strike of midnight on Thursday January 29th. On Friday January 30, the price for a four-day badge goes to $70.

Don’t Miss an All-Capricon 35 episode of The Functional Nerds podcast!  Head over to to listen to Episode 218.  It’s a warm-up for Capricon as our Social Media Guests of Honor Patrick Hester and John Anealio interview our Gaming Guest of Honor Margaret Weis and talk about their upcoming appearance at Capricon 35.  It’s an all-Capricon podcast you won’t want to miss.

We are delighted to announce that the Capricon Program is done! We’re going to hit the ground running on Thursday afternoon! You can see the full program here and see a list of participants here.

We also have several special events in the works – as always our entertaining Opening Ceremonies and Midwinter Faire on Thursday, SpaceTime Theater on Friday, concerts by Cheshire Moon and our Music Guest of Honor Alexander James Adams on Saturday, a staged reading from OtherWorld Theater on Saturday, and of course Closing Ceremonies on Sunday – complete with awards and a sneak peak at Capricon 36!

If you are at a loss on what to wear at Capricon 35, you can check out the Capricon store on the OffWorld Designs website here.




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