I know Capricon 31 is just barely over. We haven’t even posted up Sunday and the Post-Con editions of Goat Droppings, but let’s talk about Capricon 32 for a moment shall we. The website hasn’t been updated yet, probably won’t be for at least a month. But… we want to share the news for those poor unfortunate souls who couldn’t make it to Closing Ceremonies, and haven’t heard it from anyone else…. We’re going to have guests of honor. I know you’re shocked.

Capricon 32 will be held Feb 9th through Feb 12th 2012 right back at the same Westin Northshore in Wheeling, IL. And what about those Guests of Honor you say… well I’m glad you asked, here ya go:

Author Guest of Honor – Cory Doctorow

Artist Guest of Honor – Les McClaine

Fan Guest of Honor – Steven Silver

There… that ought to hold you for a little while.