It’s a weekend long writing workshop inside of the convention! Drop in to your choice of more than 20 different workshops and sessions. Most will be in the Columbus Room, which you’ll find tucked away behind the main elevators.

The Writers’ Room workshop focuses on building story elements such as character, world building, and story structures for the novice writer while providing a good refresher for the more experienced storyteller. We’ll also deep dive into more focused topics and explore the business of writing. You’ll have the opportunity to ask experienced pros your difficult questions, pick the brains of professional editors, and meet fellow writers in a relaxed and welcoming space.


3:30 PM More Capable Than You
5:00 PM Writing When You Have No Spoons
6:30 PM Writing About the Multiverse


10:00 AM Promptapalooza
11:30 AM Small Press Publishing – Like a Quest, Only More So!
1:00 PM Professional Organizations for Writers
2:30 PM Proactive vs. Reactive Characters
4:00 PM Opening Sentences
5:30 PM Fairy Tales as a Source of Story
5:30 PM Grants and Other Support for the Arts: A Primer (Wrigleyville room)
7:00 PM Writing While Neurodivergent
8:30 PM Making Magic Make Sense in Fiction


10:00 AM Situational Character Building
11:30 AM Writing Horror and Dark Fantasy
1:00 PM Worldbuilding for Authors
2:30 PM One Page Plot Method
2:30 PM Real Steam for Writers (Michigan room)
4:00 PM Self-Editing for Writers
5:30 PM Wait, Didn’t They Have Green Eyes?
7:00 PM Self Promotion for Writers
8:30 PM Well Intended, But Not Well Received


10:00 AM Hero’s Journey vs. Heroine’s Journey
11:30 AM Writing Older Characters for Younger Readers