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Welcome to Eternity. Capricon 43’s theme is The Afterlife, and our program explores the many answers to the question “What does it mean when Death is the beginning of the story?” 

In addition to exploring our theme, we’ve got panels related to general SFF topics, media, comics, art, writing, science, and other fannish interests. A few of the things we’re most excited about are below, but be sure to check out for the full schedule. 

Are you a writer? Check out our Writers’ Room, with a weekend-long schedule full of panels and workshops.

A Few Program Highlights


3:30 pm All the GoHs
6:30 pm Why Does SF Love Monarchies?
8:00 pm Opening Ceremonies


10 am How to Read Like it’s 2500 BCE Again with GoH Moshe Yudkowsky
1 pm The Coming AI Hackers with Bruce Schneier
4 pm The Impact of AI-Generated Art
7 pm Concert: GoH Steven Brust
8:30 pm Ghost Story Circle Open Mic with Brandon O’Brien


10 am Death & Video Games
11:30 am Queer Eye for Sci-Fi
2:30 pm I’m a Writer! Now What?
4 pm Figure Drawing with GoH Christine Mitzuk
6 pm Artist Showdown and Art Auction
7:00 pm Concert: Random Fractions
7:30 pm Terry Pratchett’s Interview with Death: Film & Discussion
8:30 pm Concert: The Alchemysts


11:30 The New Golden Age of Star Trek on TV
1 pm What’s Webb Looking At? with Bill Higgins
2:30 pm Closing Ceremonies & Feedback Session

Interested in being a program participant? At this point we have very limited space to add new participants, but you can apply here. If we aren’t able to use you this year, that will make sure you get on the list when we start creating the schedule for 2024.

Participants (as of Jan 9, 2023)

Sue Burke
Greg Clumpner
Tammy Coxen
Sarah J Daley
Brendan Detzner
Jeanne DeVore
Shaun Duke
Xap Esler
David Federow
Alia Federow
Carol Ferraro
Clif Flynt
Lisa Freitag
Ed Friman
Michelle Rebot
Terry Gant
Richard Garfinkle
Janice Gelb
Zachary Jeffries
Chris Gerrib
Jerry Gilio
Dex Greenbright
James Groves
Gene Ha
Beth Hansen
Reina Hardy
Karen Herkes
Bill Higgins
David Hirsch
Rich Horton
Mark Huston
Tina Jens
Jeana Jorgensen
Alessandra Kelley
Douglas Killings
Roxanne King
Anastasia Klimchynskaya
Bob J. Koester
Arin Komins
Dina Krause
Barbara Lettermann
Kat Leyh
Jeffrey Liss
Jim Lund
Tracy Lunquist
Mary Mascari
Justin Matulonis
Liam McGlohon
Cathy McManamon
Rebecca McManamon
Carol Metzger
Christine Mitzuk
Helen Montgomery
Heshe Leontess
N. Frances Moritz
Matthew Munro
Donna J.W. Munro
Deirdre Murphy
Jason Neerenberg
Brandon O’Brien
A.M. Arktos
D. Ordo Mancer
Sophie Partlow
James Plaxco
Peter Popovich
Angeli Primlani
Will Saddler
Pat Sayre McCoy
Bruce Schneier
Maria Schrater
Brian Sebby
Mary Sheridan
Jeri Sherpherd
Steven H Silver
Deanna Sjolander
Henry Spencer
Geoff Strayer
Kathryn Sullivan
Larry Swain
James Thomas
W A Thomasson
Tracy Townsend
Leane Verhulst
John Weagly
Susan Weiner
Cooper Wolf
Jason Youngberg
Moshe Yudkowsky