The Online Program Guide is here! Go to to see the schedule for both in-person and virtual events. 

Capricon 42 will be a hybrid convention with at least 3 tracks of programming and events available to our virtual members in addition to the in-person convention in Chicago. 

Here are a few highlights and our list of program participants.

Program & Event Highlights

DJ Scalzi’s Dancestravaganza (in-person)
Get ready to bust out your best moves, as former GOH John Scalzi spins the most danceable tunes from the 70s, 80s, 90s and the 21st Century. There ain’t no party like a Scalzi dance party!

Dancing About Architecture (virtual & in-person)
You might have heard the saying: “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” Sarah Pinsker and Catherynne Valente are two of the best SFF writers at managing that translation, so we’ve brought them together for a chat about what it takes to get music right in prose.

Introducing the Mother Lands RPG (in-person)
Into the Mother Lands is a new sci-fi odyssey funded & supported by Twitch, developed by a fantastic team of POC RPG designers, with amazing POC talent both on screen and working hard behind the scenes to bring you a tale of misguided travels, adventurers led astray many generations past. Find out all about it in this conversation between Tanya DePass (Capricon GoH & Mother Lands Creator and Creative Dirctor) and Michi Trota (Capricon 41 GoH).

Bringing Characters to Life (in-person)
Art Guest of Honor Gene Ha teamed up with some of our attending authors to bring their characters out of their heads and into art! The authors provided Gene with a character concept to envision, then he went to work. Come see the unveiling and hear from both authors and artist about the process.

Brandon O’Brien’s Magical Literary Open Mic Night! (virtual)
Come one, come all. This casual open mic night hosted by Brandon O’Brien will be open to all attendees. Come share your poetry, fiction, and other literary work in a no pressure, share-the-love environment. You don’t need to be published or even want to be published. Whether you write for fun or to one day have it see the printed page, all are welcome here!

Lost, Or At Least Confused, In Space (in-person)
Right now it’s fashionable to say that we’re going back to the Moon as a stepping stone to Mars. How well would that actually work?  After the first Mars landing, will it too be demoted to a steppingstone to somewhere else (where?)?  Should we really make everything else secondary to one set of goal posts?  (That didn’t work so well last time.)  What SHOULD be our goals in space, and in what order?

Whose Hero’s Journey? (in-person & virtual)
The Hero’s Journey is a storytelling staple. But to what extent does it encode a male point of view? People criticize the protagonists of Mulan and Captain Marvel for being “Mary Sues” who didn’t work to achieve their powers. Men get told to roll up their sleeves and work their way to the top while women have to struggle to be heard and recognized for their contributions. Is the Hero’s Journey fantasy for women about the fight to be acknowledged for the power they already possess?

Writer’s Room
It’s a weekend long writing workshop inside of the convention! Drop in to your choice of a dozen different workshops and sessions (mostly in-person, but a few online for our virtual attendees).

Leverage: Redemption Redux (or, The Skiffy and Fanty Show…Live!) (virtual)
Come join The Skiffy and Fanty Show (Shaun Duke and Brandon O’Brien) and special guest Michi Trota for a wide-reaching, joyful conversation about the themes and impact of Leverage: Redemption. We’ll look at what makes the show special, how it hits hard at modern society, what the second half of the series adds to the first half, and much more! Bring your questions, thoughts, and Leverage catchphrases! 

The Klingon Pop Warrior in Concert! (in-person)
The Klingon Pop Warrior, Commander jenbom, brings you pop and rock songs you thought you knew in their “original” Klingon.  Attending her concert will bring you honor!

Program Participants (subject to change)
A.M. Arktos
Ada Palmer
Alessandra Kelley (virtual)
Alex Brown (virtual)
Alexander von thorn
Alexei Collier
Alia Federow
Anastasia Klimchynskaya
Anna La Voie (virtual)
Anne E.G. Nydam (virtual)
Ariela Housman
Beverly Bambury (virtual)
Bill Higgins
Bob J. Koester
Brandon O’Brien (virtual)
Brandy Stark (virtual)
Brendan Detzner
Brian Pinkerton
Carol Metzger
Cassandra R. Moritz
Cat Greenberg
Catherine Lundoff (virtual)
Catherynne Valente
Cathy McManamon
Chris Barkley
Chris Gerrib
Claire Humphrey (virtual)
Clif Flynt
D. Ordo Mancer
Dan Berger
David Abzug
David Federow
David Hirsch
Deanna Sjolander
Dina Krause
Donna J.W. Munro
Douglas Killings
Gary K Wolfe
Gene Ha
Geoff Strayer
Guy Consolmagno
Helen Montgomery
Henry Spencer
Iori Kusano (virtual)
James Bacon
James Plaxco
Jan Gephardt
Janea Schimmel
Janice Gelb
Jason Youngberg
Jeana Jorgensen
Jeanne DeVore
Jeff Beeler (virtual)
Jennifer Skwarski
Jim Lund
John Everson
John Scalzi
Jon R. Osborne
Karen Herkes
Kat Tanaka Okopnik (Virtual)
Kathryn Sullivan
Kristine Smith (virtual)
Larry Swain
Lauren Jankowski
Lauren Masterson
Leane Verhulst
Liam McGlohon
Lucy A Synk
Mari Brighe
Maria Schrater
Mark Huston
Mary Mascari
Matthew Munro
Matthew R.R. Morrese
Michelle Friman
Michi Trota
N. Frances Moritz
Natalie Silk (virtual)
Pablo Vazquez (virtual)
Pat Sayre McCoy
Patrick Hester
Paul McComas
Red (virtual)
Richard Garfinkle (virtual)
Sarah Pinsker (virtual)
Sean Mead (virtual)
Shaun Duke
Steve Sullivan (virtual)
Steven H Silver
Sue Burke
Suzanne Bracken
Tammy Coxen
Tanya DePass
Terrence Miltner
Tina Jens
Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub
Tonia Ransom (virtual)
Tracy Lunquist
Tracy Townsend
Trish Olson
Valerie Valdes (virtual)
Victoria (Tori) Carnall-Hawkins
Vida Cruz (virtual)
W A Thomasson
Wendy Van Camp (virtual)
Will Saddler
William Frank
Wyn Jones