Program Schedule is live!

We’ve looked to the stars for inspiration and we’re excited for you to see what we’ve found there! We’ve got panels related to general SFF topics, media, comics, art, writing, science, and other fannish interests. A few of the things we’re most excited about are below, but be sure to check out for the full schedule. 

Are you a writer? Check out our Writers’ Room, with a weekend-long schedule full of panels and workshops.

We are no longer accepting additional program ideas and have limited capacity to add new participants. If you would like to inquire about being added, please contact

A Few Program Highlights


3:30 pm All the GoHs
5:00 pm Bad Books, Good Reads
6:30 pm Writing About the Multiverse
8:00 pm Opening Ceremonies


10:00 am Stories that Cross Cultures
11:30 am Star Wars Retrospective
1:00 pm From Sketch to Finished Art Work with Ariela Housman
2:30 pm Interview with GoH K. Tempest Bradford
4:00 pm Interview with GoH Catherine Lundoff
5:30 pm Romancing the Genre
7:00 pm Adam Selzer Concert
8:30 pm Random Fractions Concert
8:30 pm Improv 101


10:00 am Resistance Requires Imagining a Better Future
11:30 am Lucy’s Tour of the Trojan Asteroid with Bill Higgins
1:00 pm Reaching the Next Generation Fan
2:30 pm Sixty Years of Doctor Who and What’s Next
3:00 pm Game with the GoH: Original D&D with Victor Raymond
4:00 pm The Many Hats of a Creative
5:30 pm Bruce Schneier Talks About Democracy & AI
6:00 pm Artist Showdown and Art Auction
8:30 pm Microphone Misfitz Concert


10:00 am Libraries of the Future
11:30 am Webb Watches the Sky with Bill Higgins
1:00 pm Labor Rights Movements in Fact and Fiction
2:30 pm Closing Ceremonies & Feedback Session

Program Participants (as of Jan 27, 2024)

A.M. Arktos
Terri Ash
James Bacon
K Tempest Bradford
Sue Burke
Nina Castillo
Jim Cherry
Greg Clumpner
Alexei Collier
Tammy Coxen
Travis Creason
A.W. Davidson
Raevyn Davies
Larissa N. N. Davila
Tanya DePass
Brendan Detzner
Jeanne DeVore
Shaun Duke
Xap Esler
Alia Federow
Carol Ferraro
Clif Flynt
Llewella Forgie
Lisa Freitag
Richard Garfinkle
Janice Gelb
Chris Gerrib
Jerry Gilio
Dex Greenbright
R.W.W. Greene
JM Guilfoyle
Gene Ha
Reina Hardy
Karen Herkes
Bill Higgins
David Hirsch
Jacqueline Holland
Rich Horton
Ariela Housman
Mark Huston
Zachary Jeffries
Jeana Jorgensen
Oleg Kazantsev
Alessandra Kelley
Dina Krause
Elizabeth Langan
Barbara Lettermann
Jeffrey Liss
Joyce Lloyd
Catherine Lundoff
Megan Mackie
D. Ordo Mancer
Jim Mann
Laurie Mann
Justin Matulonis
Bill “McSciFi” McCormick
Kristen McDermott
Cathy McManamon
Lisa Moe
Mary Anne Mohanraj
Helen Montgomery
Patrick Morgan
Aaron Moring
N. Frances Moritz
Donna J.W. Munro
Matthew Munro
Jason Neerenberg
John O’Neill
K.V. Peck
Catie Pfeifer
Samantha Press
Angeli Primlani
Victor Raymond
Finley Roman
Randall Roman
Will Saddler
Pat Sayre McCoy
Bruce Schneier
Brian Sebby
Adam Selzer
Steven H Silver
Deanna Sjolander
Jennifer Skwarski
Henry Spencer
Geri Sullivan
Lucy A Synk
Christian Tabotabo
Cecilia Tan
David Taylor II
W A Thomasson
Gwen Tolios
Leane Verhulst
Darius Vinesar
Benjamin Wallin
Susan Weiner
Gary K Wolfe
Jason Youngberg