Capricon COVID Policy

Capricon is not just a science fiction and fantasy literary convention. We are a community, and the safety and wellbeing of our community is paramount. We believe that the best way to promote the well being of all of humanity is to follow the science in keeping people healthy. To this effort, it has been decided that All attendees must be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend the convention. Proof of completed COVID-19 vaccination is MANDATORY.

For all attendees, your documentation needs to be directly from the healthcare provider that completed your vaccination, and you can display your proof as a photograph on your smartphone, showing the Registration team proof through VaxVerify, or by presenting a physical copy of your vaccination card. Please head to the Registration Desk to pick up your badge. You will need proof of vaccination to pick up your badge at Registration. Completed vaccination means that you have obtained the maximum number of injections required by your vaccine choice by January 19, 2023. This allows for the minimum number of days after injection before your vaccination is fully effective. Please see below for a more detailed timeline.

If you would like to submit proof of vaccination status before the con, please use the following form.

Anyone 18 years or older must also present a government-issued ID such as driver’s license or passport that matches the name on your vaccination record. Those younger than 18 may use a government-issued ID, birth certificate, social security card, school ID, or locally-issued ID.

Face Coverings

COVID-19 vaccines are an important tool to help stop the pandemic, but they don’t mean we can stop taking all precautionary measures. Properly worn masks covering the nose and mouth are required for all convention members and guests in all convention spaces, except when actively eating or drinking while stationary.

Proper use of approved masks in all convention spaces is MANDATORY.

All convention members and guests over 2 years of age are required to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth in all convention spaces, except when actively eating and drinking while stationary. 

While convention programs may end after Closing Ceremonies, Capricon maintains control of our contracted spaces through Monday. You must continue to wear your mask in convention function spaces after Closing Ceremonies. 

Enforcement: Staff will be trained to watch for appropriate use of masks. If an attendee is found to not be wearing a mask or wearing it inappropriately, Staff will give a verbal warning and will visibly mark the badge of this person. If a second infraction occurs, Staff will inform the attendee that they must leave the convention space, visibly mark the badge a second time, and confiscate the badge. The badge will be turned into Operations and the person will not be allowed to purchase a new badge. Two (2) visible marks on the badge will be equivalent to no badge at all.

Refund Policy: Badges purchased prior to the announcement of the vaccination requirement (September 30, 2022) can be refunded by emailing with the names of those wishing a refund.

If you should fall ill before the event and are unable to attend, a full refund of your badge will be provided. Let us know by sending an e-mail to

This policy is based upon the following statement in Phandemonium’s Code of Conduct “Any action or behavior that is illegal or causes significant interference with event operations, excessive discomfort to other attendees, or adversely affects Phandemonium’s relationship with its guests, its venue, or the public is strictly forbidden and may result in revocation of membership privileges.” 

This policy is a living document and will be regularly updated with the latest guidance from the local, state, and federal levels as they pertain to our event.

Covid-19 Policy FAQ

Q: What do I need to show proof of vaccination?
A: Attendees will be asked to show proof of full vaccination from a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or World Health Organization (WHO) approved vaccine on one of the following ways:

  • Physical copy of your vaccination card
  • Digital record or app 
  • Printed record from vaccine provider 

For all attendees, your documentation must be directly from the healthcare provider that performed the vaccination.

Anyone 18 years or older must also present a government-issued ID such as driver’s license or passport. Those younger than 18 may use a government-issued ID, birth certificate, social security card, school ID, or locally-issued ID. 

Please see the Registration Desk for assistance. 

Q: How will my information submitted to the form be handled by Capricon 43? 
A: Information uploaded to the form is only accessible by the bare minimum number of people needed to verify your vaccination status. All information and access to the data storage will be permanently deleted after the close of Capricon 43. 

Q: Do I need to show my proof of vaccination through the form? 
A: No, you can show your proof of vaccination when picking up your badges at the convention. However, picking up your badges will be faster and easier if submitted ahead of time. This gives us time to process the information and make sure your information is up to date and reduces delays. 

Q: What if I cannot find my vaccination card? 
A: Please contact your vaccination provider or your local health department for a replacement card. We cannot make exceptions for lost cards. 

Q: What is the last day I can start my vaccine series? 
A: Depending on which vaccine you chose, your last injection needed to be received by January 19th to be considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by the start of Capricon 43. If you chose the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, you needed to receive your first injection by January 5th. This should have allowed enough time to receive your second dose by January 19th and thus meet the full vaccination requirement to attend the convention. If you receive the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine, you will have needed to receive your injection by January 19th. 

Q: Will I be required to get the booster shot?
A: Although we strongly encourage it, not everyone was eligible at the same time to receive their first rounds of full vaccination, and thus we cannot dictate this requirement. 

Q. What if I am not healthy enough/eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine?
A: Please consult your physician for information regarding vaccine safety and your safety in being in public spaces. We have determined that vaccinations are required for every attendee that can be vaccinated as covered by an authorization or EUA for the COVID-19 vaccine. If you are not eligible for vaccination and are over the age of the current covered groups, it may not be best for you to be in the crowded spaces of Capricon. We are sorry to say that you will not be able to attend this year. We look forward to seeing you in person at Capricon 44. 

Q: I am an international traveler. What do I need to know before coming to Capricon?
A: Please ensure that you have reviewed any advisories or restrictions that may be in place for travel to the United States and for travel to Illinois, including Chicago. For more information on Chicago and Illinois’ travel advisories visit:

Q: I have personal concerns about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine or do not agree that COVID-19 is a threat to my health.
A: While we are a science-fiction convention, science says the best way we can protect our attendees this year is by being vaccinated. Regardless of personal reasons or feelings about the COVID-19 vaccination or COVID-19, those who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, unless they are children not in the currently covered age group, will not be able to attend Capricon 43 in-person. We hope to see you next year! 

Q: What is the current age of children not covered by the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) or authorization? My child is under “x” age. Do they need to provide proof of COVID-19 Vaccination? 
A: As of September 30, 2022 children aged 6 months and up are now eligible for vaccination and therefore need to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19. If this policy changes due to a EUA or authorization for additional age groups, it will be updated here.

Q: I still have questions about the vaccines!
A: We recommend visiting the CDC’s “Myths and Facts About COVID-19 Vaccines” page for more information.

Q: What covid tests are accepted for children under the age of 5? 
A: Children under the age of 5 must be tested with either a PCR, nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT), or certified Rapid Antigen Test. These test results must match the legal name on your identification that you provide at registration when you pick up your badge. 

Q: What if I fall ill at the convention?
A: You should immediately isolate yourself from the convention spaces and seek out a Covid test. Testing locations in Chicago can be found at: or call the COVID helpline at (312) 746-4835.

In an effort to do our part to help others, we have set up an email for COVID tracking purposes. Should you test positive for COVID-19, we ask that you email with the details of your whereabouts during the convention. Participation is not mandatory. We will have one monitor on this email. They will assign you a case letter and share details with the convention membership under this alias.

Q: What type of face coverings are accepted?
A: A mask should completely cover your nose and mouth with material that can effectively filter droplets and aerosolized particles. It should fit snugly against the sides of your face without gaps. Nose wires are recommended to improve fit, and multiple layers are generally more effective. Face shields are not an acceptable alternative to masks, although they can be worn in addition to masks if you desire. For more information on masking, please visit the CDC Guide to Masks. Gaiters, bandanas, face shields, and vented masks are not considered appropriate facial coverings.

Q: Can I be exempt from wearing a mask for health reasons?
A: Per the CDC, most people with underlying medical conditions can safely wear a mask. As such, we will not be making exemptions to this rule, except when you are actively eating or drinking while stationary. We encourage you to work with your medical professionals to try and find a style of masks that works for you before the convention. If you feel you are unable to comply with any portion of this policy, we ask that you stay home. 

Q: Can I eat or drink at a party?
A: While eating and drinking is permitted inside hotel rooms and suites that are hosting parties, we would strongly encourage people to keep their masks on as much as possible. When leaving the party room or suite you must be fully masked. 

Q: Will there be exceptions to the mask policy for musicians or performers?
A: We are aware of the level of difficulty that masks add for musicians and performers. At the time of this writing, performers will need to continue wearing their mask. 

Q: What if I lose or break my mask?
A: Capricon recommends bringing a sufficient supply of personal masks needed for the duration of the event. We will have a limited number of surgical masks available for free at the Info Desk and Registration for emergencies.
NOTE: Capricon is working to have a limited supply of single-use window-style masks available for presenters.