Capricon COVID Policy

Due to outbreaks at other conventions & events, and upon recommendation from the head of the CDC, Capricon will maintain a mandatory masking policy for all members (both staff and attendees) in all convention spaces unless actively eating or drinking. This means that the con suite will be considered a high risk area, and will have signage indicating such. Convention-affiliated parties may choose to require masking or not, and signage at their doors will indicate their preference; parties not requiring masks will likewise be considered high risk areas.

However, we will no longer be requiring proof of current vaccination at registration. We encourage all members to update their vaccinations prior to the convention regardless, not just for COVID but for other seasonal illnesses as well. 

We strongly recommend that all members test themselves for COVID just prior to coming to the convention. Free COVID test kits are available at If you test positive for COVID before the convention, please stay home – we will offer rollover badges to those unable to come to the convention due to COVID. We also request that anyone feeling ill, experiencing new symptoms, or testing positive for Covid / Flu / RSV during the convention quarantine in their hotel sleeping room or go home.

If you think/know you have contracted COVID, or would like to report masking violations, please contact us at (during Capricon or within 2 weeks afterwards) with details of which spaces you’ve been in, so that we can track potential hotspots. Any information we share with the membership at large will be anonymized as best as we are able.

If you have already purchased your badge and have medical reasons that mean this policy will prevent you from attending Capricon 44, please contact for further information.