Help Wanted

Capricon is looking for help in the following departments. If you are interested please contact the appropriate department.


Phandemonium is looking for a Treasurer. The Treasurer oversees the finances and related paperwork for Phandemonium. It’s more like a bookkeeper than an accountant, as we hire an accountant to prepare our taxes.

If you are interested in learning more about this position please send an email to

Director of Accessibilities

We are looking for a someone to fill a brand new Board Staff Position- Director of Accessibility. Please read the details and responsibilities below. If you are interested, send an email to

This is a non-voting Staff Position responsible for leading Phandemonium’s efforts to promote an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all participants and members. Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Identifying underserved communities who require accommodation.
  2. Communicating with those communities to identify their needs.
  3. Recommending actions required by the organization to serve said needs.
  4. Involvement in problem resolution and advocacy when concerns about biasor insensitivity are raised. This may include coordination with the S.M.O.F.
  5. Developing metrics to inform strategic planning/decision-making and toensure accountability in tracking and monitoring accessibility requests and accommodations.
  6. Researching local, state, and federal laws to ensure compliance with all applicable laws including but not limited to the Americans With Disabilities Act.
  7. Other duties as assigned by The Board.


Hybrid conventions require more people to run than ones that are entirely in-person or entirely online. If you’d like to help, please email – we have fun jobs waiting for you whether you are attending in-person or from your living room!

  • Zoom Hosts
  • Discord Helpers
  • In-person panel assistants