Before we shuffle off this mortal coil, come have one last hurrah with the parties department!  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, come enjoy the final physical pleasures before your spirit departs for the unknown.  Keep reading to learn more about hosting a party, sleeping on the party floor, attending parties, and the annual party awards.  Still have questions once you’re done?  Feel free to email us at

For those of you who want to throw a party:

We are looking for people who would be interested in hosting a party!  Hosting a party is a great way to meet people and to share your creative drink and theme ideas.  While we accept most party ideas, we are hoping that hosts can take this theme and transport us beyond a normal party.   As always, we want everyone to bring their creativity to the table, so we will be assigning suites to the parties who have the most interesting proposals and the best pitches.  Wow us with your ideas and you will be rewarded.  All parties who request suite space before the deadline will be considered but depending on demand, may not all receive one.  More information on rooms (including prices) will be posted here as we get it, so make sure to keep an eye out.

There will be a freight elevator in the back of the hotel for you to load all equipment and supplies.  Please let us know if you believe you will need to load through there, so we can provide you with more information.  Also a change with the new hotel is that we are not allowed to hang anything on the walls, even using blue tape.  Please take that into consideration when planning your decorations.  If you are planning to throw a party, you need to first Make a reservation with the hotel for the night(s) you plan to throw the party.  Once that is done, fill out the Google form by January 1st 2023

For those of you who want to sleep on the party floors:

Sleeping on the party floors is a great option for people who don’t mind a little hallway noise and want to be close to all the action!  Simply make a reservation with the hotel for the night(s) you plan to stay and then fill out the Google form by January 1st 2024.  Make sure to include any specific requests you have (parties you would like your room to be near, close to elevator, etc.).  Space is first come, first served so let us know as soon as possible.

For those of you who want to attend parties:

Thank you for attending the parties!!  Without you, the parts floors would be a bunch of empty rooms with their doors open, you are the reason we do this.  Upon exiting the elevators you will see flyers advertising which parties are where (these are also seen in some of the hallways around the program areas), pick one that looks interesting and start there.  Another great way to find parties is to go to the party floors and see who has their doors open.  If you want to know more about the parties before diving in, come on the party crawl on Friday and Saturday night! We will be limiting the amount of people on the tour, so make sure to show up on time to get a spot (See the program book for more information).  Our daily newsletter Goat Droppings will also have the most up to date information in case anything changes. Having a good time at the convention is everyone’s goal, and we have some suggestions to make it the best weekend possible:

Obey the Law:

You’d think this would go without saying, but here we go anyway… Things such as underage drinking and/or property damage cause serious problems for everyone involved, and Capricon as a whole. Remember, if it is illegal outside of the convention, it’s illegal inside the convention

Respect Everyone:

The people throwing the parties are working hard at their own expense to throw parties for you to enjoy. Please remember to appreciate the effort that they are expending on your behalf. And remember, a party is no fun if you’re the only one there… If you don’t respect the other party goers, you may find yourself without people to party with.  If someone has said no thank you, don’t push.  You may be trying to help them have more fun, but if they aren’t willing just let it drop.  They may have a very good reason for not being interested, or they may just not want to. It doesn’t matter what the reason is.  No means no, and that is the end of the discussion.

Take Care of yourself:

You know your body, and what it needs, please make sure you take care of yourself. There is nothing worse than knowing that fun is happening all around you but being too sick to have any yourself. Please make sure to drink some water, especially if you are drinking adult beverages, eat at least 2 meals that aren’t just snack foods, and get some rest when you need it.  Pushing your limits may make a night more enjoyable but breaking them entirely will result in sadness and hangovers. Also, remember it is always OK to turn down a drink. You know your limits and know when to say when.

No Liquor in the Lobby:

Please remember that you may not transport any container that obviously contains alcohol through the lobby of the hotel. Any bottles must be in a box. That box cannot have the name of the alcohol on the side of it. Any box or container that obviously contains alcohol WILL BE CONFISCATED BY THE HOTEL. This is hotel policy. Rubbermaid containers are your friend.

COVID Policy

You can check out the Capricon COVID policy here.  Be aware, masks will still be required at all parties, unless you are actively eating or drinking.  Even then, one’s mask should be replaced between drinks or snacks.  We are asking the party hosts to help us encourage this, but Ops and Parties staff will be around to enforce this.  Also, food and drinks will not be allowed to leave the party rooms.  Help us keep parties safe and fun for everyone!

Party Awards:

We want to give our hosts the recognition they deserve for all their hard work and time put into making their party happen.  To do this we ask the guests to tell us what they thought was the best party. Was it a small group having an intense discussion about Golden Age Comics?  Did you enjoy the drinks and dancing of one of our more club-like parties? Fill out a ballot telling us who knocked it out of this world. The categories this year will be:

  • Best Overall Party – Which party was your favorite in all aspects?
  • Best Single Night Party – Not every party needs all weekend to make a big impact.  Which one night shindig was your favorite?
  • Party Staff’s Choice – That’s right, they gave us power and we’re going to abuse it.
  • Best Alcoholic Drink – Is it …Green? Does it give off smoke? Tell us what was the best tasting thing that you can remember drinking over the weekend.
  • Best Mocktail – Not every good drink needs to get you drunk.  Who created the tastiest non-alcoholic drink?  

Ballots will be counted at 10am on Sunday. Don’t count on us having hangovers!  Vote before 10.

The results of the voting will be announced at closing ceremonies.  We encourage all attendees to show up for Closing Ceremonies to find out who won.  Who knows? Maybe it’s you!

  • Wash Esler, Party Liaison
  • Rachel Cohan, Party Fifth