What is Phandemonium?

Phandemonium, Inc. sponsors the annual science fiction convention Capricon, ensuring that attendees have as much fun as possible.

We also promote science fiction as a genre and support the Chicagoland fannish community. We also host other events throughout the year. Up-to-date information on these events can be found on our blog (www.capricon.org/blog) or on our social media sites.

If you are interested in any of our ongoing programs, have new ideas, or just have questions about Phandemonium please look for a board member this weekend and let’s have a chat.

Who’s in Phandemonium?

If you have a badge for Capricon: it’s you! Your registration at Capricon automatically includes membership in Phandemonium for the year.

Phandemonium also includes:

  • The Board of Directors, who are responsible for stewardship of the Corporation, including – but not limited to – choosing the chair for each convention and the Corporate Staff (see below);
  • The Corporate Staff, who perform vital functions in support of the Board of Directors and the Corporation as a whole;
  • The Annual Ad-Hoc Convention Committee (aka ‘the ConCom’), who does all the valuable work it takes to hold the convention each year;
  • The Keepers of Valuable Knowledge, who perform specific necessary duties and/or provide continuing knowledge of how to accomplish various important tasks related to the Corporation.

Want to Get Involved?

On Saturday, the Board will host a “Meet the Candidates” panel, where Phandemonium members get the chance to ask questions about the organization and to meet and hear from the candidates running for the Board of Directors.

On Sunday, we’ll be having an open board meeting to discuss corporate business and elect two new Board members to replace those whose terms are ending. All Phandemonium members are invited and encouraged to attend and vote.

Phandemonium is always looking for those in our membership who want to become more involved — especially with the ConCom.

If you have ever thought that helping run a convention would be fun, then 1) you’re right! and, 2) you can! Please see any board member over the weekend for more information on how to become more involved in the convention or in Phandemonium as a whole.

Phandemonium Board President
– Terrence Miltner

Contact Information

Phandemonium, Inc.
126 E. Wing St. Ste 244
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Capricon e-mail: info@capricon.org

Phandemonium Board Members (Elected)

Kyana Williams (3rd year)
Dan Berger (3rd year)
Terrence Miltner (2nd year)
Wren Hawkins Kamper (2nd year)
Michelle Friman (1st year)
Deanna Sjolander(1st year)

Phandemonium Board Members (Appointed Positions):

Treasurer: Wendy Robb
Secretary: Doug Killings
Capricon 42 Chair: Victoria (Tori) Carnall-Hawkins

Phandemonium Corporate Staff (Appointed Positions):

Archivist: Xap Esler
Coordinator for Community Outreach: Melanie Silver
Facilities Coordinator: Dave McCarty
Health & Sanitation Supervisor: Vicki Ortega
IT Director: Amber Jones
Social Media Coordinator: Michelle Friman
Supreme Minister of Fun (SMOF): Sam Haney Press

Phandemonium Keepers of Valuable Knowledge

Alice Bentley
Dave McCarty
Phil Foglio
Amy Schaffer
Tracy Lunquist
Brian Rogers
Helen Montgomery

Phandemonium Code of Conduct

Phandemonium is the parent corporation that puts on Capricon. If you have a membership for this year’s Capricon, then you are a member of Phandemonium. As a member of Phandemonium, you are expected to follow the Phandemonium Code of Conduct for the duration of the event, including any informal pre- or post-event activities. This is in addition to the Capricon Code of Conduct.

You can read the Codes of Conduct for members of Phandemonium at http://capricon.org/mobile/Phandemonium_Code_of_Conduct.pdf