A vibrant and diverse dealers room is one of the highlights of our convention. If you are new to the convention, the dealers room is where you can buy books or t-shirts or jewelry or many other wonderful things.

Capricon 44 in 2024 – Dealers as of 01/12/2024

A.W. Davidson
Independent science fiction author

Archimedes Azure Creations
Steampunk and fantasy jewelry, accessories, ties, candles, crochet items, and pouches

Avie Spore
Independent artist of mushrooms and mush more! I work in traditional and digital art. I carry clothing, stickers and prints of my work.

Dana Fraedrich, Steampunk Fantasy Author
At Dana’s booth, you’ll find her steampunk book series, of course, but also handmade scented candles based on her characters, handmade polyhedral dice, crocheted goods, jewelry, and more.

DVD World Books and Toys
We sell science fiction and horror DVDs and Blu-rays as well as old science fiction books. We also sell old and hard-to-find games and toys and comic books.

Fein Publishing
E. S. Fein is the author of the Neoevolution Earth series, two standalone novels (A Dream of Waking Life and Points of Origin), and two short story collections (Ascendescenscion and The Process is Love). More than anything, he enjoys writing strange stories about strange characters in strange situations. Some people refer to him as a lucid dreaming expert. Others know him as a rapper. But E. S. Fein just thinks of himself as a dude who likes to think about what it means to be a dude thinking abo…

Fresco Additive Design
3D printing – design and building

Gamer’s Lair
We sell a wide selection of distinctive 3D printed dragons, toys, pop culture figures, and home goods as well as D&D accessories, dice and 3D printed dice towers.

Goshdarned Good Authors
We are Chicago area authors who love to attend conventions together. This year we have Dex Greenbright, K.M. Herkes, Rhiannon Taylor, and Jamie Garner.

House of DT Inc
David Taylor II is an author that writes children’s books, fantasy novels, and comic books.

KT Avenue
We aim to brighten your day with our unique items. We offer trading cards – Pokémon & Yu-Gi-Oh!, Anime Action figures, Sports cards/memorabilia, and unique and original jewelry.

Mastafran Comics
Ryan Francis is an independent cartoonist in Joliet! He’s made a variety of artwork for children’s books, comics, T-shirts, tabletop games, and video games. Ryan has self-published many comics, such as: Shirley’s Day (2018), Incident at the Game Store (2019), and The Pizza Man (2019), with future comics and art projects to come!

Megan Mackie, Author
I am an independent author from Chicago. I published a book called The Finder of the Lucky Devil.

Puppet Me This
Pattern, design, & build professional Muppet-style puppets, including commission/custom builds.

Rosarium Publishing
Having launched in 2013 with Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond, Rosarium Publishing publishes comics and speculative fiction with a multicultural flair. As we like to say, we’ve been “introducing the world to itself since 2013,” and we do so with projects from Mexico to Italy to Uganda and Sri Lanka and everywhere in between.
We’ve done such projects as Mothership, Sunspot Jungle (105 short stories from around the world; “Tempest” being one), Stories for Chip, as well as such projects as Triangulum (Sri Lanka), They Will Dream in the Garden (Mexico), Where Rivers Go to Die (Uganda), Creative Surgery (Italy), and A Tale of Truths (Norway). We even have a graphic novel, Blue Hand Mojo, by John Jennings, set in the South Side of Chicago.

Rubi In Paradise
At Rubi In Paradise you will find lots of ghosts along with: crochet dolls and creations, prints, pins, stickers – All related to Anime, Fantasy, Horror, and Witches.

Squishy Ishy
Squishy Ishy runs a size-inclusive clothing line. Stop by for some new threads or other trinkets!

The Black Sheep’s Friend
Sewn and embroidered bags, accessories, and home items. Commissions welcomed.

The Copper Hippo
Nerdy themed handmade jewelry and accessories, dice crowns, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, pens, resin animals, handmade incense, crystals, and more.

The Pugling Hoard
Jewelry and accessories with a steamy twist. OAK necklaces, pins, earrings, hair clips, and much more.

Zachary Jeffries
Self-published author