Marketing, Advertising, and Media Relations Department

This department is responsible for marketing and promoting the Convention to all external parties. It includes acting as liaison between Capricon and other regional Science Fiction and Fantasy, Gaming, Anime and similar genre cons; as well as the large “for profit” cons commonly referred to as a “gate” convention. Activities include: production, local distribution and mailing of flyers; developing sponsorship opportunities; flyer reciprocity with other genre cons; hosting parties at selected regional conventions and securing and manning fan tables at external events.

Marketing also works with all media and Internet organizations who might wish to report on the convention or be a part of the convention. We have experience with, and would be happy to work with television and radio stations, bloggers and podcasters. In a similar vein, we provide content for our Facebook page, our blog Goat Droppings, and the homepage of our website.

Finally, Marketing works hand-in-hand with Advertising. If you or your organization/business would like to run an ad in our Program Guide, email us at