In memory of Ted Piwowar (1965-2019) and Beryl Turner (1965-2019)

Welcome to Capricon 40! Things are a bit different, as the room is showing both anime and general film and video programming. However, we have a new location and more hours to show that programming in!

The room rules are pretty much the same, and they’re simple, but please keep the following in mind:

  1. Please take all private, non-whispered conversations outside of the room;
  2. Parents, do not let your kids see anything you wouldn’t want them to see. Age-appropriate ratings are listed next to the titles.
  3. Please mute or turn off all electronic communication doodads, and above all don’t record the features with them. The companies like us. We’d like them to continue to like us. Hence the rule.

All programming and showing times are subject to the usual snags and whatnot. However, we’ll stick to things as best as we can. It’s a con. Stuff happens.

Dedicated to the memory of Ted Piwowar and Beryl Turner

All anime shown in River B except where indicated (in Birch B, starting Saturday night)


YUU YUU HAKUSHO #13-16 (Funimation, 13+)

Yusuke’s fight with Rando ends, and after more training with Genkai he returns home. As usual, things are not what they seem; here’s hoping that you don’t have an insect phobia when you watch.

FLAME OF RECCA #9-12 (Discotek, 13+)

The battle continues in Kurei’s mansion. As Recca and his friends head up the floors, they keep running into enemy after supernatural enemy – each one far more dangerous than the previous. 

A CERTAIN SCIENTIFIC RAILGUN #9-12 (Funimation, 13+) 


How dangerous is a single esper? Plenty. But what happens when entire network of interconnected espers starts to malfunction and go berserk? And how do you stop it when that network is gigantic in size? 

GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX #13-16 (Manga Entertainment, 17+)

Anti-cybernetic terrorists. A genius mathematician with a penchant for playing the stock market. Section 9’s own malfunctioning Tachikoma units and a spy infiltrating a US Naval base. There’s never a dull moment where Major Kusanagi’s Section 9 is concerned.

12 am-1:45am

After repelling the initial Gauna in the first series, the Sidonia takes on a new mission – to head into the Lem system and destroy the Gauna at their originating nest once and for all.

Room closes: 1:45 am


HEAVY METAL L-GAIM #9-12 (Nippon Sunrise, Fan-subbed, 13+)


More battles in store for Daba and company. And along with the ever-present threat from a still obsessed Gavlet Gablae (who is long on vindictiveness and just as short on common sense), new threats lurk in every new planetary system…

FULL METAL PANIC! #13-16 (Funimation, 13+) 
11:45 am-1:30pm

Who is Gauron? How did he get his hands on a nuclear warhead-armed ballistic missile? What was he planning to do with it? Let’s face it – Sousuke has a much more complicated life than most high school students…

SAMURAI SEVEN #13-16 (Funimation, 13+) 
1:30 pm

The battle against the Nobuseri space bandits begins in earnest for the seven. They hold their own against the Nobuseri, but a tragic outcome awaits one of the seven in the end.

WITCH HUNTER ROBIN #13-16 (Funimation, 13+) 

3:15 pm

The hunt for witches continues, but the parallels between Robin and her ill-fated predecessor are becoming a distraction. And when Robin gets separated from the rest of her team during a fight, she’s forced to escape with enemies in hot pursuit.

PSYCHO-PASS #14-15 (Funimation, 17+) 

5 pm

The MWSPB’s ability to predict Crime Coefficients is tested when a criminal gang gets their hands on helmets that allow them to blunt the predictive ability of the technique. The gang is defeated, but then the helmet technology ends up becoming more and more widespread in use…



ROUND VERNIAN VIFAM #13-16 (Nippon Sunrise, fan-subbed, G)


The kids continue to travel through the Ypsilon system in an attempt to find a means to return to Earth, but the ever-present threat of the Astrogaters may end up catching up with them first. 

MY HERO ACADEMIA #1-4 (Funimation, PG-13)

Most people in the future in the future are gifted with Superpowers known as Quirks. Izuku is not one of them and was leading an incredibly humdrum life – until he’s rescued by his idol All Might after being attacked by a supervillain. Predictably, things begin to get incredibly strange for him after that.

ATTACK ON TITAN #14-16 (Funimation, 17+)

The change in Eren may be a major asset to the humans seeking to combat the Titans, but will the village – or his own unit, for that matter – be able to trust him?


ATTACK ON TITAN #17-18 (Funimation, 17+)
7pm-8pm (IN BIRCH B)

The Scout Regiment must perform reconnaissance duty and defend an outgoing wagon train from attack by Titans. Threats are everywhere, but one particular Titan involved in the attack may be the deadliest of them all.

CLAYMORE #9-12 (Funimation, 17+)

8pm-9:45pm (IN BIRCH B)

Clare becomes part of a hunting party looking to find – and then kill – an Awakened Being. They succeed in finding the Yoma, but discover that the second part of their mission will be more difficult than they possibly could’ve imagined. 

PSYCHO PASS #16-18 (Funimation, 17+) 
9:45 pm (IN BIRCH B)

Shogo Makishima continues to pose a menace to the MWSPB as he attempts to infiltrate the Health and Welfare Ministry’s Nona Tower in order to do one thing – infiltrate the Sibyl System itself. But to what end?  

11pm-12:45am (IN BIRCH B)

The classic returns. If you haven’t seen it by now, now’s the time. If you have seen it by now, see it all over again!

DEATH NOTE #13-16 (Viz, 17+)
12:45-2:30am (IN BIRCH B)

L continues to search for the serial killer Kira while not realizing that Light is the culprit after having previously ruled him out. Then, a second series of Kira-like executions leads L to realize that Kira has a partner in his crimes.



MARTIAN SUCCESSOR NADESICO #16-20 (Nozomi Entertainment, 13+)

While continuing to do battle with the Jovian Lizards, the Nadesico discovers to their shock that the “Lizards” are, in fact, just long-exiled humans from the moon. Needless to say, this complicates the entire mission just a bit…


If we have it, we’ll try to run it