In memory of Ted Piwowar (1965-2019) and Beryl Turner (1965-2019)

Welcome to Capricon 40! Things are a bit different, as the room is showing both anime and general film and video programming. However, we have a new location and more hours to show that programming in!

The room rules are pretty much the same, and they’re simple, but please keep the following in mind:

  1. Please take all private, non-whispered conversations outside of the room;
  2. Parents, do not let your kids see anything you wouldn’t want them to see. Age-appropriate ratings are listed next to the titles.
  3. Please mute or turn off all electronic communication doodads, and above all don’t record the features with them. The companies like us. We’d like them to continue to like us. Hence the rule.

All programming and showing times are subject to the usual snags and whatnot. However, we’ll stick to things as best as we can. It’s a con. Stuff happens.