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Rates, programming, gaming, oh my!

Wow this is a busy time for Capricon! Here are just a few items of importance that have short times left on them!

The rate for a four day membership goes up on November 1st! Head over to the registration website in order to get your membership now.

Gaming wants to hear from you! What games would you like to see at Capricon this year? Take the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NLPK23N

Are you interested in being a game master? Please email gaming@capricon.org with your interest.

Would you like to be on programing this year? Have panel ideas? Fill out the programming participant survey today! Survey closes October 22nd. We would love for teens, tweens, and young adults to participate as well!

In order to reach the program participant survey, you must log into your Capricon account. Once there, you will see a link for the survey.

If you just wish to submit an idea for programming, the link seen before logging in titled “Submit a Program Panel Idea” is the route to take.

Keep Calm and Play Games

Gaming wants awesome people to run games!

Capricon Gaming is looking for awesome people to help us run games during the convention. If you’re interested learning how to have your badge cost reimbursed simply by running games at Capricon, send an email to gaming@capricon.org and we’ll get in touch.

Keep Calm and Play Games

pile of dice

Gaming is looking for gamers!

The Capricon Gaming Crew is looking for demo teams and play testers for a new area of the game room dedicated to just that! If you’re interested in running demos or play testing a game, please contact us at gaming@capricon.org for more information! Space is limited.

pile of dice