To participate in virtual Capricon, you will need to register at our dedicated registration site. Registering makes you a member of Capricon’s parent organization Phandemonium and subject to the convention and organizational Code of Conduct.

Price tiers:

  • $10 Virtual convention registration – Includes access to all our virtual spaces for the full 4 days of the convention.
  • $25 “Booster” virtual convention registration – Give a little extra to help fund elements like better captioning of more items. Includes access to all our virtual spaces for the full 4 days of the convention, plus any digital premiums or coupons we get from sponsors.
  • $50 Premium convention registration – Everything included in Booster level, plus a t-shirt and engraved badge. This include shipping to US domestic addresses. If you are located outside the US, please email for details before purchasing. Register by January 14 for this level. Items will be mailed to arrive before the convention so you can rock your swag on Zoom.
  • $0 Free virtual convention registration – We know 2020 has been hard financially for a lot of people. Even if you can’t afford to give $10, we still want you to be able to attend!

Virtual conventions are less expensive to hold than in-person ones, but there are still significant costs involved in delivering a great virtual convention experience, so we are asking all Capricon members and participants who can afford to pay to contribute a minimum of $10. At the same time, we know that the pandemic has made this a hard year for many, so we are also offering a zero cost membership option. And if you’re able to give more, please opt into our Booster or Premium Packages, or contact if you’d like to contribute a different amount of money.