Sarah Wilkinson is a full time artist. She travels across the world with her art studio, Studio de Sade, doing art conventions where she sells the art and talks about the pieces.

There are two sides to her work: She works freelance for other companies and with their characters/concepts, and she also works for herself, illustrating emotions and intensely personal concepts.

Sarah was born in Oregon and moved to Michigan when she was 10. She started taking advanced placement art classes in high school. She went to college at Macomb in Michigan, where she studied Illustration. She worked at her college as a lab technician while also attending, which served as a full immersion into the Media and Communication Arts department. Art was always a passion. It sways into music and into writing, but ultimately visual communication became the career of choice.

She has been professionally working in the trading card/comic book industry for over 11 years. Her first job was for Topps and Lucasfilm, designing sketch cards for the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith movie trading card set. She was one of the youngest artists to be an officially approved Lucasfilm artist. Since then, she has worked on many properties in the trading card world, including Indiana Jones, Star Trek, My Little Pony, Dr. Who, Bettie Page, Marvel and DC Comics properties including Iron Man, Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman and MANY more. Her art has been used on comic book covers (IDW Comics, Aspen Comics), as comic book pinups (IDW Comics, Red5 Comics), story illustrations, children’s Halloween masks, children’s books, even remote control cars and toys for Disney. She still does freelance work for these companies to this day. Her favorite property to illustrate continues to be Star Wars.

Most recently, Sarah’s work has taken a much more personal turn. She switched from acrylics to oils and is currently using oils to illustrate emotions and offer therapeutic comfort to both herself as the artist and to the viewer who might relate to her style of introspection. She has original art and prints in private galleries all over the world. Sarah loves cats, coffee, tea, travel, painting, sketching, live music, good food, laughter, love and Netflix.