So what are showing this time around?

Old Favorites. Soon-to-be-new favorites. And a few assorted surprises along the way.

Dedicated to the memories to Bill Surrett and Gyu Sup Lee

All times and features subject to change


YUU YUU HAKUSHO #5-8 (Funimation, 13+)

Time: 5:00pm-6:45 pm

Yusuke now knows that he is a Spirit Detective. Unfortunately, all that means is that the supernatural beings he has to investigate are just as much a menace to his continued existence as if he was still an ordinary human being.

FLAME OF RECCA #1-4 (Discotek, 13+)

Time: 6:45pm-8:30pm

Recca Hanabishi is a ninja fanboy. So much so that he openly boasts of actually being a ninja. And you know the old adage “be careful what you wish for”, right? In his case, truer words were never spoken.


Time: 8:30pm-10:15pm

Academy City is, as you can tell by the name, chock full of students. However, when those students are primarily espers, it can lead to all sorts of misadventures, as Makoto and her closest school chums find out.

GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX #5-8 (Manga Entertainment, 13+)

Time: 10:15pm-12am

Section 9 continues to hunt the Laughing Man after he threatens the assassination of the Superintendent-General of police, but matters only end up getting complicated by an exiled revolutionary leader whose death is sought by multiple foreign governments and an organ harvesting ring.

KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA #5-8 (Sentai, 17+)

Time: 12:00am-1:45am

Nagate’s fight against the Gauna continues. But the Gauna are about to reveal ominous new abilities that may tip the balance against the human space fleet in their centuries-long conflict.

1:45 Room closes


HEAVY METAL L-GAIM #1-4 (Nippon Sunrise, Fan-subbed, 13+)


Daba Myroad and his best friend Mirao fight off bandits intent on stealing a family heirloom – which happens to be a state-of-the art mech. Then things get complicated. Mamoru Nagano’s first major design project before he started work on his classic Five Star Stories manga.

FULL METAL PANIC? FUMOFFU #5-8 (Funimation, 13+)


Sousuke’s latest fun misadventures include: A dual with the head of the school karate club. a bizarre prowler intent on giving local schoolgirls ponytails they don’t want. Sousuke imposing basic training on the schools’ lame rugby team, and Sousuke’s Mithril superior Tessa arriving as an exchange student. Sousuke would like all this fun to end soon. Please.

SAMURAI SEVEN #5-8 (Funimation, 13+)

1:30 pm-3:15pm

A sword hand and possible ally who’ve never killed in combat. A frame-up for the murder of a high official. Treaties of honor that need to be respected – or broken. No one ever said the life of a ronin was easy.

FULL METAL PANIC! #5-8 (Funimation, 13+)


Sousuke finally gets help in the form of a new AS – the Arbalest. Unfortunately for him, he needs to find out how to properly use it before new enemies take him out first. Ah, the bliss of high school life…

WITCH HUNTER ROBIN #5-8 (Funimation, 13+)


The STN-J team continues their investigations into Witches. But with anything involving psychic phenomena, things are often not what they seem. In fact, things are usually anything but like what they seem.

GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX 2ND GIG #5-8 (Manga Entertainment, 13+)


Who are the faceless terrorists known as the Individual Eleven? And what do they want? A difficult enough question to resolve by itself, but the continued interference of the mysterious political functionary Goda makes Section 9’s work all the more difficult.

PSYCHO-PASS #5-8 (Sentai, 17+)


Even with the Crime Coefficient’s ability to predict future criminal behavior, Akane and her partners in Unit One find themselves pushed to the limit when they find out that murderers can be just as unpredictable and dangerous even when you know who they are ahead of time.

DEATH NOTE #5-8 (Viz, 17+)


L’s pursuit of Light continues. Unfortunately, things are about to take an especially dangerous turn when Light discovers the identity of the one person who can help L in capturing him.

CLAYMORE #1-4 (Funimation, 17+)


The Youma are demons with a fondness for human flesh. When one enters Raki’s village, his life is only saved by the intervention of the half-human, half-Youma swordswoman Clare. Clare, however, has reasons of her own to fight the Youma.

1:45am Room closes


ROUND VERNIAN VIFAM #5-8 (Nippon Sunrise, fan-subbed, G)


The kids continue their escape from the Astrogaters. As resourceful as they are and as well as they (usually) work as a team, how can they hope to defeat technologically advanced aliens fully skilled in the art of space combat?

PANZER WORLD GALIENT #5-8 (Nippon Sunrise, fan-subbed, 10+)


Jordy and his allies continue their efforts to free Arst from Marder and his army of robot panzers. But Marder’s plans don’t merely stop at conquering Arst; the rest of the galaxy might be next.



When alchemist Edward Elric (no, not that Elric!) and his brother Alphonse lost their mother, all they wanted was to try to bring her back to life. Unfortunately, use of such forbidden spells have grave consequences, as both of them are about to find out…

TREKKIN’ (13+)


The con chair has declared that he’d like some stuff shown. So, he gets his wish! Loading up Star Trek-related fan films such as Axanar and Star Trek: The New Voyages, Cap’n!

5:30pm Room closed for Art Show



The Capricon classic returns! If you haven’t seen it by now, now’s the time. If you have seen it by now, see it all over again!

ATTACK ON TITAN #6-9 (Funimation, 17+)


Armin is deeply affected when Eren is slain by a Titan attack. It only causes him to fight harder against the menacing giants, but things are not what they seem concerning Eren. Not at all.

(Room closes: either 2:30 if Attack on Titan runs, or whenever Dave says if he’s running his stuff.)


Martian Successor Nadesico #6-10 (Right Stuf, 13+)


The continued misadventures of Akito, Yurika and the rest of the Wackiest Ship in the Space Fleet. If you take this show seriously, even after being burnt out by four days of con attendance and partying, there’s something wrong with you.

12:00pm See you next year!