Starlight Radio Dreams Live Show

Thur 8:30PM
Botanic Garden A

Stick around after Opening Ceremonies and tune your dials or click subscribe for Starlight Radio Dreams, the comedy podcast performed before a live studio audience that embraces the past, dances in the present, and tells the future to maybe settle down for a second. Join YouTube star Devin Showtime and her uncle of old Hollywood fame, Burlington Showtime, as they guide you through a smorgasbord of audio-based entertainments. Thrill to some old school radio adventures, laugh at the bizarre ever-expanding world of podcasting, and let your imagination soar as the Showtimes remind us all you don’t need a screen to have a good time.

Blinky Land

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
River A

Welcome to Blinky Land, a magical place of flashing lights and molten metal. What are Blinkies you ask? They are little circuit boards with blinking lights. The friendly locals will provide you a kit (circuit board, LED’s and other electronic parts) and solder to let you make your own Blinky. You can wear your very own Blinky as a pin or attach it to a lanyard as a necklace. Don’t worry if you have never touched a soldering iron before. The folks running the show have plenty of techs on hand that will gladly help out. Hundreds of folks of all ages have been building Blinkies – many of them who have never soldered before. They have everything you need to go from never touching electronics to becoming an experienced Blinky builder. The first 200 people will get one Blinky that they can build for free, and the folks running the show have several more kits that they will be happy to sell you so you can continue practicing after finishing your first one.

Star Wars Part the Sixth: The Jedi Doth Return

Sat 4:45PM
River C

Highlights of the exciting third episode of the original triology – Shakespearean style – from the script by Ian Doescher! Teen and tween Girl Scouts and Special Guests (including several familiar Capricon faces) present a dramatic reading to conclude their three-year run of Capricon performances. Come to the Dark Side…we do, indeed, have cookies…which will be served during the performance!

Saying “I Do” With the Duhans

Sat 6:00PM
Botanic Garden B

In 2018, Tara and Matthew will be married 20 years! Oh, how time flies. To celebrate, we have decided to renew our vows at Capricon 38. Please come join us for this very special event. We would love to have as many of our friends as possible attend.

SpaceTime Theater

Sat 8:30PM
Botanic Garden A

SpaceTime Theater specializes in science fiction and fantasy improv comedy. Join us when Chicagoland’s weirdest most eclectic comedy improv group returns to the Capricon stage with their multi-generational improv show “The Steady State Theory”. Come Prepared for an evening of stories and laughter that’s never the same twice, because we’re making it up as we go along.

Critter Crunch

Sun 10:00AM
Botanic Garden A

Critter Crunch! "Mad scientists" (you) drive battle hardened robots. Your mission – Destroy your rival! Don’t have a robot? No problem! Bid on (rent) the “driving rights” of up to 30 robots… many are past champions. Bidding starts at $1. (Cheap!) Proceeds will be donated to Capricon’s designated charity. Bizarre prizes awarded! CC Swag for all! Be There, Aloha!