Dave McCartyDave McCarty is a long-time fan here in Chicago. He attended conventions for years, including Capricon, before getting involved in the conrunning business. His first convention job ever was as co-chair of Capricon 19. This is fairly typical for Dave – when he decides he’s into something, he’s all in. Bad movies, good books, gaming, conrunning – he’s passionate about all of these things and will cheerfully talk to you for hours about any of them, and devotes most of his copious free time to them (except for the time he gives to his delightful daughter, Mia).

Back to Capricon 19 – Dave was recruited to co-chair and he brought the theme of Villains to life. From there he went on to chair Capricon 20 – Armageddon and Capricon 24 – Sensawondah!, as well as serving on the Board of Directors. He’s been involved with Capricon in various ways over the years, as the Facilities Liaison for the Board, and often running Exhibits for Capricon, which he loves to do because he values the history of Capricon. He’s also the guy who brings you late night bad movies at Capricon.

After Capricon 24 in 2004, he was recruited to chair the Chicago in 2008 Worldcon Bid, which ultimately lost by 12 votes. (He’ll talk to you about this, but preferably over a beer.) Had the bid won, his very first Worldcon job ever would have been Chair. Undeterred, he launched the successful bid for Chicago in 2012, and was the Chair of Chicon 7. Since then he has worked on the Hugo Awards subcommittee for many of the past Worldcons.

Dave has been honored as a Fan Guest of Honor before, but this is the big one for him. Capricon is where he started, and we’re delighted to honor him this year.