Filk and Other Things Musical and Non-Musical

Filk is the music of science-fiction fandom and there’s plenty of it to be found here at Capricon in both the Capricon Café and on the Main Stage.

The Café will be up and running for music on Friday and Saturday afternoon with a variety of performers ranging from folk-rock to klezmer.  (Don’t know what klezmer is?  You can either look it up on the Internet or come see yourself.  We recommend the latter.)  And late on Saturday, you can catch one of our local Girl Scout troops (and friends) performing the third part of the recently discovered abridged Shakesperian trilogy, The Jedi Doth Return.  If you’ve seen the first two parts at the last two Capricons, you won’t want to miss the exciting conclusion!

And, of course, you’ll want to come by the Café on Sunday for Toast and Jam, which includes real toast, real jam, and an opportunity to pull out your instrument and join our annual musical jam.  Just remember to get the jam off your fingers before jamming.

On the Main Stage on Friday night, we open up with Court and Country, an a cappella ensemble specializing in medieval and Renaissance choral music who have recently released their first album.  Right after that, come hear Sound WAVs, a new group headed by Alexander James Adams and Cathy McManamon (and their friends), playing music with a pagan flair.

Saturday night, the Main Stage kicks off with Sassafrass, an a cappella ensemble performing original folk music, mostly with fantasy, mythological, and science-fiction themes.  Many of their songs draw from Norse mythology and are as complex as the mythology itself.  Next up is the Klingon Pop Warrior, Lieutenant Commander jenbom vestai-toQqul, and her band, as they bring you songs that you already know, but now in the original Klingon.

Closing out the Saturday night Main Stage is SpaceTime Theater, as they present their multi-generational all-improv science-fiction comedy show, The Steady State Theory.  When it’s improv, it’s all new every time they hit the stage and no one knows what will happen next.  Don’t miss it!

After the Main Stage is over on Friday and Saturday night, it’s time for the open filk circle, where we gather together to sing for and with each other.  The circle is where filk started, so bring your instruments and voices – or just your ears, if what you feel like is listening – and settle in for a late night of music-making.

Filk Hours


2:30pm – 5:30pm in the Cafe
7pm – 10pm in Botanic A
10pm till whenever for Open Filk (Botanic A)


1:00pm – 5:45pm in the Cafe
7:30pm – 10:30pm in Botanic A
10:30pm till whenever for Open Filk (Botanic A)


11:00am – 1:00pm in the Cafe