Parties (aka “Celebrations across the Multiverse ”)

A great party knows no boundaries. It cuts across universes to unite people in the pursuit of fun. Come on up to the party floors and become part of the expanded story that is Capricon after dark. We will have three nights of celebrations to give you more of the party you want. We will be on the 15th and 16th floors enjoying several different styles and types of parties. Come on up and help us celebrate.

How to find the parties:

Throughout the convention space, and near the elevators on the Party Floors our hosts will be able to post signs with the particulars about their parties. Our daily newsletter Goat Droppings will also have the most up to date information in case anything changes.

Important Stuff to Remember While Exploring Expanded Universes:

Obey the Law:

You’d think this would go without saying, but here we go anyway… Things such as underage drinking and/or property damage cause serious problems for everyone involved, and Capricon as a whole. Remember, if it is illegal outside of the convention, it’s illegal inside the convention.

Respect the Party Throwers:

The people throwing the parties are working hard at their own expense to throw parties for you to enjoy. Please remember to appreciate the effort that they are expending on your behalf.

Respect Everyone Else:

A party is no fun, if you’re the only one there… If you don’t respect the other party goers you may find yourself without people to party with.

Take Care of yourself:

As you are enjoying the parties please make sure you take care of yourself. There is nothing worse than knowing that fun is happening all around you, but being too sick to have any yourself. Please drink some water if you are drinking adult beverages, and get some rest when you need it.

Pushing your limits may make a night more enjoyable, but breaking them entirely will result in sadness and hangovers. Also, remember it is always OK to turn down a drink. You know how drunk you are, and if the next one will push you from having fun to being sick then pass it up.

No Liquor in the Lobby:

Please remember that you may not transport any container that obviously contains alcohol through the lobby of the hotel. Any bottles must be in a box. That box cannot have the name of the alcohol on the side of it. Any box or container that obviously contains alcohol WILL BE CONFISCATED BY THE HOTEL. This is hotel policy. Rubbermaid containers are your friend.

Please note that although drinks are allowed on the party floors, it is at the discretion of the party host on whether or not to allow party goers to leave or enter their party with a drink in hand.

Party Awards:

Some people will prefer a small party with deep conversation while others will enjoy a packed room with thundering music. We invite you to tell us what you think and to vote on who you think did the best job:

  • Best Overall Party – Voted on by the attendees during the convention.
  • Best Thursday Night Party – There are a lot of us already at the convention on Thursday. Show us you can expand your celebration to Thursday.
  • Party Staff’s Choice – We are the watchers of all that happens on the party floors, and we will tell you what we think is best.
  • Best Drink in the ‘Verse – Show us what is the greatest libation in your Universe.  Alcohol is not required and we have had multiple non-alcoholic drinks win in the past.

Ballots will be collected at 10 am on Sunday (assuming someone from the party staff is functional).

All awards are announced at Closing Ceremonies on Sunday. We encourage all attendees to show up for Closing Ceremonies to find out who won… Who knows? Maybe it’s you.

Please check the daily edition of Goat Droppings and signs around the convention for the most up to date listing of parties and room numbers.