This year, Capricon is holding a scavenger hunt to find landmarks near the convention hotel.  All of these should be within a twenty minute walk and you can try to find them when you venture out for meals or as an excursion in and of itself.  

Take pictures of the place, or just write down the answers, your choice.

Answers will be provided on Sunday at 11:30 in the Bridgeport Room. Come and share which places you found, learn the identity of the ones you couldn’t find, and learn a little more about Chicago.

Captained the Reutan
He squatted on city land
Ville is named for him.

Far from his office
Sit and tell Bob your troubles
Near where the Pier ends

Built by Shah Jihan
Theft for the Colonel’s glory
Just bricks in the wall

At DuSable Bridge
Learn about the watershed
Watch the bridges rise

It sank in ‘15
Eight-forty-eight people died
Bonansinga’s book

Without these three men
The revolution won’t start.
They’ll tell their story

Age appropriate
Playgrounds are provided for
Chicago’s children

Near this tower’s base
Find a garden without plants
Branches chime softly

Home to more Worldcons
Than any other city
It has hosted five

You can cross the Loop
Without fresh air or daylight
Modern day Morlocks