Kids Programming

Our schedule is now online! Please check it out!

Calling all budding storytellers! Come and join us for a weekend of crafts, games and excellent stories of all kinds! We’ll bring back some of the fun favorites, like LEGOs, puppet making, watching morning cartoons and board games. We’ll also add some new adventures to discover and explore! If you have any suggestions or favorites, the friendly staff at kids programming wants to hear from you!

Calling all experienced storytellers! Do you have a story or skill you’d be interested in sharing with the bright, young minds of Capricon? Let us know!

We’d love to hear about your expertise in the oral tradition!
Come and entertain us with your stories set to music!
Lend us your artistic skill!
Or just come and play with us or let us ask you a myriad of questions – we may just surprise you with what we want to know!

— Sandy Heltzer
Overgrown Kid Extraordinaire

Parents: Please note that kids programming is geared toward children ages 5-12, although children of all ages are welcome. Any child with a kid-in-tow badge MUST be attended by an adult (other than program staff) at all times. Unattended kids-in-tow will be escorted to Ops.

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