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Greetings Adventurer,

You have traveled far so please, sit a spell and rest your weary legs. It was foretold that an eager traveler as yourself would cross our threshold looking for fun, excitement, adventure, and kinship. Look no further. We have that which you seek.

We have games. But not just any games. We have games that can sharpen your mind, lighten your heart, and take you through time with the blink of an eye. Whether you like to see what the cards have in store for you or prefer to play the dice where they fall, we can give you exactly what you want. And fear not young adventurer, we will have elders at the ready to teach you the ways of the games.

So please, relax, take a load off, and let’s play.

Let mirificus incipiunt!

Head Game Mistress Jenna

If you’re interested in joining the Capricon Gaming Crew, please apply here.

Gaming Hours – Lake Michigan A
Thursday, 8:00 PM – Midnight
Friday 8am til 3pm Sunday

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