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Narbonicon Report

This last weekend, Phoenix and I went to Narbonicon, a convention celebrating the comic strip Narbonic created by our Artist GoH Shaenon Garrity. It was a cozy convention with about 20 attendees, and it consisted mostly of field trips and an evening get together at the Chair's house.

Sat started out with a French Toast breakfast at Kellie's house but we missed it. We had just driven up from Chicago the night before and didn't check into our hotel room until after 2a. So Sat morning we chose sleep over French Toast.

We met up with the rest of the group at noon at the Bakken Museum of Electricity. This is a small museum set in a beautiful castle like building, but despite it's size there is plenty to do and see.

We started just off the entrance where one of the attendees did an amazing job playing the theme music from Star Trek ToS on a Therimin. Later in the day I went back to just try some basic scales, it's harder than you'd think.

The next room was all about magnetism including this huge mechanical chromed device with a big control knob. It looked like some kind of 1950's laser gun movie prop. Instead, it was a device for removing metallic bits from eyes. We played with that for a while until the Frankenstein room was ready.

In the Frankenstein room we watched a 12min presentation on the story of Frankenstein and learned a little about Mary Shelley's life. Afterword, we wandered around the museum in small groups. A lot of time was spent in the Electricity Party room where I made Phoenix's hair stand on end using a static generator and there was lots to do in the labs where experimentation is encouraged.

After, the group went to the Minnesota Zoo but we didn't join them as I'm not really much of a zoo person. We went to The Mall instead. After the mall, Phoenix wasn't feeling well and after a short nap he insisted I go to the evening activities by myself. We sat around and talked, listened to music and watched a dance video from a middle eastern movie - very silly. Later in the evening we played a game where we took turns writing descriptions/drawing pictures of the descriptions/pictures the previous person wrote/drew. I know it doesn't describe it al that well but it was very fun and I'd like to do it at Capricon 25.

We all met for brunch on Sun. at Hell's Kitchen. Very Good Food and the owner has Ralph Steadman's art all over the place. If you are up in MPLS, try to go. After brunch everyone went to a Uncle Hugo's and Dreamhaven but we had to head on back to Chicago. On the way out of town we stopped by the Axman which is a lot like American Science and Surplus. I picked up some more cool props for our party at Windycon.

All in all, I had a good time. One of the wonderful things about fandom is that you can go to a completely different city, meet a bunch of new people and feel like you've known them for years. I look forward to seeing them all again at Capricon.

Capricon 25 - Mad Scientists

February 10-13, 2005
Arlington Heights, IL

James P. Hogan- Author GoH
Shaenon K. Garrity - Artist GoH
John Morse - Fan GoH

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