James P. Hogan - Author GoH
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James P. Hogan - Author GoH  

A science fiction writer in the grand tradition, Mr. Hogan has been writing for almost 30 years. His works range from award winning Science FIction novels to scientific articles published in many magazines. He combines informed and accurate speculation from the cutting edge of science and technology with suspenseful story-telling and living, breathing characters.

He has written over a dozen novels including Paths to Otherwhere and Bug Park, the “Giants” series, The Proteus Operation and Endgame Enigma. He won the Prometheus Award for The Multiplex Man.

Much of his fiction explores the themes of technology gone wrong, or new and unexpected uses for existing technology, which is why we are proud to have him as our Author Guest of Honor.

Mr. Hogan's full biography can be found at his website, www.jamesphogan.com


Capricon 25 - Mad Scientists


February 10-13, 2005
Arlington Heights, IL

James P. Hogan- Author GoH
Shaenon K. Garrity - Artist GoH
John Morse - Fan GoH


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