Seanan McGuireSeanan McGuire lives, works, and regularly gets lost in the Pacific Northwest, where the combination of “so many swamps,” “so many frogs,” and “so many wild berry patches” serves well to keep her content, alive, and covered in slime. When not hunting for the amphibians of the world, she writes books, short stories, comics, and more, and has won a startling number of awards since her publishing career began in late 2009.

Seanan writes the October Daye series, the InCryptid series, and the Ghost Roads series, all for DAW Books; the Wayward Children series, for Publishing; and various trilogies, duologies, and longer works under the name “Mira Grant.” She has written for Marvel Comics, Lucasfilm, and other media properties, and has released five albums of original filk music. We’re not entirely sure Seanan sleeps. That’s probably for the best. Imagine what she could do if she were actually well-rested.