As we get closer to the Capricon I’d like to shift my focus from the hosts to the guests of the parties.  Without guests the party floors would be a bunch of empty rooms with their doors open. I thank everyone that comes up to the party floors.  You are the reason we do this. No really, I’ve talked to a lot of party hosts over the years, and they all agree with me. Having a good time with the members of the Convention is the number one reason most of them do this.  I do have some tips and reminders for everyone coming to the parties.

Know your Limits

Pushing yourself to have a good time is not a bad thing but understand that you are mortal and have limits.  If that means turning down that pan galactic gargle blaster so you don’t get sick then turn it down. I’ve seen so many people, myself included, go too far and make themselves sick for the rest of the con.  I mention alcohol, but this includes anything that you know you will pay for later. If your leg won’t let you stand for hours on end find a seat. If you need sleep or you will be fighting a migraine tomorrow, then go to bed.  You know your limits and know when to say when.

Consent is not only Sexy it is Mandatory

Doesn’t matter what you are doing, if you are doing it with or to someone else make sure they are ok with it BEFORE you do it.  It makes for a much more enjoyable situation for everyone.

If someone has said no thank you don’t push.  You may be trying to help them have more fun, but if they aren’t willing just let it drop.  They may have a very good reason for not being interested, or they may just not want to. It doesn’t matter what the reason is.  No means no, and that is the end of the discussion

Take Care of Yourself

You know your body, and what it needs, but I do want to bring up some things that people often forget during a convention.

Eat Real Food: Your body is working hard having a good time. Give it the things it needs to let you do it again tomorrow. We suggest you have 2 meals a day that aren’t just snackfood.

Get some sleep: If you are up all night get a nap in during the day.  The suggested lower end is six hours. You will be in a better mood and be more likely to have a good time if you get at least that much sleep.

Hit the Showers: We are hanging out in hot rooms, some people are dancing, and we are up till all hours of the night.  All this together means that we are sweating. Please do your normal hygiene regiment. It will make the going to the parties much more pleasant for everyone.

Hail Hydrate: Drink water between alcoholic beverages.  Even if you aren’t having alcohol it is a good idea to have some extra water.  The hotel in general is very dry, and you are most likely being a lot more physical than normal.

How to find the parties

Throughout the convention space, and near the elevators on the Party Floors there will be triangles of iron grid.  Those triangles are there so that people can post flyers for parties. Hosts will update them with times, and room numbers.  Another great way to find parties is to just go up to the party floors, and see who has their door open. It sounds silly, but really it is an amazing way to figure out if a party is the kind you are looking for.

Party Awards:

We want to give our hosts the recognition they deserve for all their hard work and time put into making their party happen.  To do this we ask the guests to tell us what they thought was the best party. Was it a small group having an intense discussion about Golden Age Comics?  Did you enjoy the drinks and dancing of one of our more club like parties? Fill out a ballot telling us who knocked it out of the park. We will have ballots near the elevators on the 15th and 16th floors. Ballots may also be cast in Operations.

The categories this year will be:

  • Best Overall Party – Voted on by the attendees during the convention.
  • Best Thursday Night Party – There are a lot of us already at the convention on Thursday. Join us as we start the con off right.
  • Party Staff’s Choice – We tell you what party we liked best.
  • Best Alcoholic Drink – Is it …Green? Does it give off smoke? Tell us what was the best tasting thing that you can remember drinking over the weekend.
  • Best Nonalcoholic Drink – Not every good drink needs to get you drunk.  Who had the best drink that that you can have while on duty.

Ballots will be collected at 10am on Sunday (assuming someone from the party staff is functional). Don’t count on us having hangovers!  Vote before 10.

The results of the voting will be announced at closing ceremonies

Enjoy the Parties and take care,

Jason Betts, Parties Liaison