Doug RIceDoug Rice (aka, ‘the Silver Fox’), has been a staple of regional conventions for any number of years, just not too many SF conventions. Though starting in university level fanny-fan-fandom in 1973. after a stint in the USAF, he quickly zipped in-and-out of the SCA, and attended the 1st Windycon, later chairing the 5th. Doug also worked on two fanzines, mugged for Moebius Theater before going AWOL from the Dorsai Irregulars, cohabitated with Phil Foglio, and punned his way through the original Capricon planning committee. But mostly he did art for art shows. When the fog cleared, Rice was more-or-less gone, ending up skulking around (>gak!<) comic-book conventions…as a regular salary doing SF-style comic art for his spacey mecha-series DYNAMO JOE (circa mid-Eighties) was better than starving. After the comics came the TV animation work (and an Emmy award), then came writing a novel, SQUADRON, which has only just been published. Now age 67 at the time of this writing, Doug is still doing a solo act but has had open-heart surgery within the past year, so it is confirmed that he has one. “Professor Rice” appears at Capricon 39 with permission of the Columbia College of Artistical Knowledge in Chicago, where he teaches traditional animation courses part-time and has run a floating crap-game the rest of each semester since 2013. (photo by Tauna Sonn-lemarbe)