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February 8-11, 2007
Sheraton Chicago Northwest
3400 West Euclid Ave.,
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
(847) 394-2000


Info Rules List

Welcome to Capricon 27 and the Order of the Sleepless Knights Room Parties. As much as we�d love to let you run free and wild as you establish your chapter of the Sleepless Knights, anarchy is no good for anyone as such we�ve implemented some basic rules that we�ll be expecting you to follow.

Party Organizers:

If you are planning on throwing a room party, there are a few simple steps to get you on your way. (1) Call the Sheraton at 847-394-2000 or visit their website and make a reservation for Capricon. You do not need to mention you want the party floor or even the room. (2) Send me an email at parties@capricon.org with your confirmation number, contact info, a party name, whether it�s open or closed, and the dates of your party. I will then have your reservation moved to the Party Floor and assign the rooms based on the room types requested. You will receive a confirmation letter from me to let you know that I have your information. Shortly before the convention you will receive another letter which will hopefully have room numbers so you can pre make your flyers. Any reservations booked on the 12th floor without going through me will be moved off the 12th floor.

You will want to register early as we have a limited number of parlors available. If the demand is high enough we may institute a policy requiring you to throw a party if you are occupying a parlor room on a given night. All the party rooms have one king size bed and are all non-smoking.

Party Awards:

The Best Party, Best Thursday and Best Drink Awards will be voted on by the convention attendees. Ballots and Ballot Boxes will be available on the Party Floor and in Operations. Attendees will be asked to provide their badge name and badge number on their ballot. Duplicate ballots and/or ballots with incorrect name/number will be discarded. Ballots will be accepted until 8 AM Sunday Morning. The Grand Master�s Personal Choice award will be awarded at the Party Liaison's sole discretion based on whatever criteria he chooses at the time.

The Contribution to Palace Life award is a service award. When attendees perform volunteer hours you can ask them to designate that your party receive recognition for the hours they�ve worked in addition to any benefit the member themselves may receive. The party with the most hours earmarked in their name in this fashion will win this award.

Winners of all awards will be announced at closing ceremonies on Sunday.

Rules are a necessary evil, as long as we all accept that we�ll get along fine. And seriously - they�re as much for your protection as they are for ours.

The Rules:

  1. Please help keep Capricon, its members, and people at the hotel happy by following all of the rules set by the Sheraton. Please also follow all of the state of Illinois, the Town of Arlington Heights and the U.S. Government�s laws. In other words... if it�s illegal outside in the non Convention world... it�s illegal here on the inside too. We don�t want guys in dark suits and sunglasses talking into their cuffs to be visiting us.
  2. All Parties must register through the party liaison to throw a room party during Capricon. Failure to do so may result in your party being shutdown. Capricon reserves the right to refuse a party to be thrown at Capricon for any reason. This decision is at the sole discretion of the party liaison.
  3. Party flyers are allowed to be posted on any bulletin board in the hotel. There will be bulletin boards on the party floor, by Operations, Consuite, Registration, Programming areas, and the first floor elevators. Flyers are allowed on the metal door frames of your room, but not on the door itself. Flyers can not be posted on any wall surface of the hotel regardless of what material it is made of. Flyers are not permitted to be posted in the elevators.
  4. It is the responsibility of every party or person serving a drink to see the ID of the person you are serving a drink to. In Illinois the legal drinking age is 21. Parties not following this law will be shut down as well as face potential legal action if the authorities deem it necessary. Each party should provide some indication, wrist band, hand stamp, etc to verify that an ID has been checked and the recipient is of legal drinking age. It is in each party�s best interest to verify the ID independently of other parties.
  5. It is the responsibility of every party to ensure that all persons entering their party are registered members of Capricon by requesting to see a membership badge.
  6. The hotel has designated the entire party floor NON-SMOKING. Smoking is not permitted in any room on the 12th floor, in the hallways of this floor, or in the stairwell or elevators leading to this floor. Violation of this rule will result in action being taken against you up to and including a fine from the hotel of $5000 for cleaning fees if you smoke anywhere on the party floor. You also risk your membership being revoked by Capricon, as well as the possibility that the police will issue you a ticket with additional fines.
  7. In any other circumstance not covered by these rules the Party Liaison will make the final decision.
  8. And above all else... HAVE FUN!
Questions about Capricon: info @ capricon.org.
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