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February 8-11, 2007
Sheraton Chicago Northwest
3400 West Euclid Ave.,
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
(847) 394-2000


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In days of old, when knights were bold,
And journeyed from their castles,
Trusty men were left behind,
Knights needed not the hassles.
They helped themselves to pig and peach,
And drank from King's own chalice.
Oh, it was a stirring sight
These gypsies in the palace.

Jimmy Buffett

The Lords and Ladies of the Realm have gone off to war once again. And it has fallen upon the Order of the Sleepless Knights to guard the palace while they�re gone. Sadly the time pressures did not allow for a thorough background check and the Order is not much more than a band of roving Gypsies. As such the Order is less concerned about maintaining the day to day operations of the palace, and is more interested in throwing bashes for their nearest and dearest friends.

Giving in to the inevitable nature of the situation, the Lords and Ladies of the Realm have arranged for the Order of the Sleepless Knights to take over the 12th floor of the Palace this year. Applications for chapter membership in the Order of the Sleepless Knights are now being taken by the Grand Master. The Palace has a limited quantity of premium quarters (Hospitality Suites) available. These quarters are assigned by the Grand Master, with all applications received by December 31st counting equally. Applications for membership in the Order will continue to be accepted until all space is full or one week before the Lords leave on their campaign. (February 1st) Applications must include contact information for the founding Master(s) of the Chapter, the confirmation number for the member(s) palace reservation, the Publishable name of the Chapter, whether membership in the Chapter is open or closed, and the dates your Chapter will help take over the Palace. Please email your application to parties @ capricon.org.

This year, the Lords and Ladies will be awarding five prizes at the end of the campaign. The top prize will be a competition for Best Chapter of the Order of the Sleepless Knights. Additional prizes that will be offered include: Best Thursday Night Chapter, Best Beverage, Best Contribution to Palace Life, and the Grand Master�s Personal Choice. Complete details on these competitions will be provided to the Chapter Master(s) after receipt of their chapter application. The details will also be available on the Party Rules page.

We look forward to sharing the Palace with your Chapters this year, and making sure that the Lords and Ladies come back to empty larders. Check back to see which Chapters have signed on to help take over the Palace.

Peter Heltzer
Grand Master, Order of the Sleepless Knights

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