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February 8-11, 2007
Sheraton Chicago Northwest
3400 West Euclid Ave.,
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
(847) 394-2000



Welcome back to the Sheraton Chicago Northwest, which has been transformed this year into your home-base Inn in a realm of High Fantasy and Adventure. As your Master Innkeeper, I have a few tidbits of information that will make your stay more pleasant, and less expensive.

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Rates of the Realm

Speaking of less expensive, we are pleased to announce that our room rates have NOT gone up, not even one little shilling. $89.00 gets you a King bed or 2 Double beds, with up to 4 occupants allowed per room. Hospitality rooms are a paltry $119.00. Check in at 3pm, check out at 11:00am. PLEASE BOOK EARLY, to reserve the room type of your choice. You can always cancel the reservation, but it's very difficult for the Inn to add rooms onto the building the week before the Con. Now Book online!

NEW! Realm of Magic Water!

The Inn is in the process of adding a multi-floor, 80,000 square foot water park. As our contract was written before such a thing was conceived, the admission to it is NOT covered in your room rate, but we are in the process of negotiating a reduced rated for attendees of Capricon.

Destroy not your quarters!

Capricon LIKES this Inn, and would like to stay here many years. Damages to your quarters will be billed to you. Damages to public areas wind up getting us kicked out of our space, or coming out of the Capricon coffers, which means fewer gold pieces to spend on our attendees. Anyone caught damaging hotel property will be billed for it, and/or criminally charged, and /or locked into a room with a large smelly Ogre (may substitute Gamer or Anime fan as required). But we digress.

Play nice, please, and don't break the big expensive building.

Please read the Maps!

While we always endeavor to find the Perfect Placement of all our events, we do occasionally need to shift things around. The good news is, there will be maps, signs, and helpful Guides to show you where everything is this year. Please take time to read the signs - it WILL make your life easier.

If you're smoking, you'd better be a Dragon. Or on fire.

The Village of Arlington Heights does not permit smoking in ANY of the public or function spaces in the hotel. This is a village ordinance, and beyond the control of Capricon or the hotel. There is no smoking permitted in any of the hospitality suites, as the club level floor is non-smoking. Smoking is permitted only in the hotel bar area, and in specifically designated smoking guest rooms. Fortunately, the front door entrance has outdoor heaters, benches and ashtrays!

NOTE: Anyone breaking the rules is subject to having their convention badge revoked and possible removal from the hotel. Members who smoke in sleeping rooms not designated as smoking rooms are subject to cleaning charges which may exceed $500.

Revelry in the Hall of Hospitality.

Are you preparing to Party All Knight Long? Remember, ONLY the 12th floor is available for hospitality suites. To get one of these LIMITED AVAILABILITY rooms, you MUST make a reservation for a regular room, THEN contact the Grand Master of the Order of the Sleepless Knights ( parties @ capricon.org ) to have him CONVERT the reservation to a party room. Regardless of what you might be told on the phone, neither the hotel nor the national reservation number can actually book you a room on floor 12. If they DO accidentally assign one of those rooms to you, it WILL be reassigned later in the year. So. Once again: 1. make regular reservation 2. Contact parties @ capricon.org and request conversion of the room. Also be advised that anyone serving alcoholic libations MUST card ALL attendees entering their party. Any damage to rooms will be charged to the primary keyholder of the room. Book these rooms EARLY, as they sell out EVERY year, with the big parlors usually snapped up 6 months or more in advance.


Remember, I'm here to help with any questions related to the Inn! Prior to the convention, you can reach me by smoke signal, carrier pigeon, courier, or by e-mailing hotel @ capricon.org.

At con, I'll be wandering the lobby and hallways. If you can't find me, ask Ops to track me down!

I do value your input, so please attend the feedback session on Sunday to let me know how your weekend was!

I remain your Humble Master Innkeeper,

- Guido -

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