“What manner of strange beasts are these that sit in circles late at night and sing songs to tunes both familiar and new?”

“Oh, don’t worry.  That’s just the filkers.”

Filk is the music of science-fiction fandom, ranging from funny to serious, from folk to rock to rap and beyond.  As a group, filkers are nothing if not eclectic.

And there will be plenty of music of all kinds here at Capricon.  We’ll kick off our music programming in the Gingerbread Pudding Café on Friday afternoon with a full slate of concerts.  The music will take a brief pause on Friday night to clear the stage for the Foglio’s Girl Genius radio play and the SpaceTime Theater show (which I understand is likely to contain a bit of music of its own).  And then we’ll see what Strange Beasts arrive for the late night open music circle where everyone is welcome to listen and perform.

On Saturday afternoon, it’s back to the Gingerbread Pudding Café for more concerts.  After that we adjourn for Music Guest of Honor Carrie Dahlby’s (and friends!) concert on the Main Stage.  Carrie was the first female artist featured by the FuMP (Funny Music Project) and has been contributing songs there since 2007.  We’re looking forward to hearing what she’s cooked up for us!

Saturday night, we’re visited on the Main Stage by Author Guest of Honor Seanan McGuire and her talented friends (the current plan includes Amy McNally, Dr. Mary Crowell, and Debbie Gates) who will unite for a concert performance that is always a treat.  And right after that, .we’ll hear from SoundWAVs, the collaboration of Alexander James Adams and Cathy McManamon. They weave their magic around each other’s music in wonderful ways, sometimes with the assistance of a few special guests. Finally, we’ll have another late night open music circle running until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday, back in the Gingerbread Pudding Café, join us for Toast and Jam, where we will have real toast, real jam, and a real musical jam session.  There are few things more fun than making music with others – come on by and join the party. Just remember that sticky fingers are not good for fretboards, keyboards, or drums.