Greetings revel-seekers to Caprion's 31 Escape!

After the fun party shenanigans of last year, no one wants to clean that mess up, so lets Escape! and create a new mess someplace else. Stowe the kids in their horizontal and tucked in positions, and get ready for take-off! Again, this year we will be rocking out on the 15th and 16ths floors of the Westin hotel, getting our groove and geek on! Dance your socks off while debating the technical merits from the latest sf flick. Party leaders, get your creative hats on for this year, amazements and spectacles will be expected! Each night, a sign will be posted by the elevators on the 15th and 16th floors. Also, look for each party's own flyers on the 15th and 16th floors and updates in Goat Droppings.

Those whose showmanship and creativity leave the rest in the dust will be rewarded with Awards. A ballot box will be located on the 15th and 16th floors each evening during the parties and in Operations during the day. Ballots will be available near the ballot box. Members can vote at any time, but only one vote per member will be allowed.

  • Best Thursday night party
  • Best Overall party
  • Most creative drink title with the word "Escape!"
  • Staff Favorite-This award is completely at the discretion of the party staff.

All awards will be announced at Closing Ceremonies on Sunday afternoon. And believe me, the awards will be amazing!

Now some important business!

No Liquor in the Lobby!
Please remember that you may not transport any container that obviously contains alcohol through the lobby of the hotel. Any bottles must be in a box. That box cannot have the name of the alcohol on the side of it. Any box or container that obviously contains alcohol WILL BE CONFISCATED BY THE HOTEL.
This is hotel policy. Rubbermaid containers are your friend.
Please note that although drinks are allowed on the party floors, it is at the discretion of the party host on whether or not to allow party goers to leave their party with a drink in hand.

Obey the Law.
Things such as underage drinking and/or property damage cause serious problems for everyone involved, and Capricon as a whole. Remember, if it is illegal outside of the convention, it's illegal inside the convention.

Respect the Party Throwers.
The people throwing the parties are working hard at their own expense to throw parties for you to enjoy. Please remember to appreciate the effort that they are expending on your behalf.

Respect Everyone Else.:
A party is no fun, if you're the only one there... If you don't respect the other party goers you may find yourself without people to party with.

--Jynell Greenfield, Party Liaison